So, as for the question I asked in yesterday's newsletter, the answer was an overwhelming yes, with a specific stratification. Every single woman that replied believed that Plan B should be sold on drugstore shelves and every single man said no. Not scientific, but certainly interesting.

It's the holiday season, so if you haven't already been scrambling to buy gifts, you're likely about to start. And while many of us are clicking away trying to find fun presents for loved ones, deciding whether or not two-day shipping is worth it, the people on the other end of that process are working their tails off to make all that possible. In short, being a delivery person at this time of year is no joke. The Post's Ashley Halsey III chronicles what life is like for those who make sure your packages are delivered on time.

Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine watches election results at a Democrat election results party in Fairfax, Va., Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011. (Cliff Owen/AP)

Since I was 3 years old, a man in Virginia had been in jail for crimes he didn't commit. Yesterday, Thomas Haynesworth was exonerated on rape charges, after DNA evidence proved he was mistakenly identified in a case involving a rape victim in Richmond. Although Haynesworth was released on parole in March, this was the final step in clearing his name. Alas, no one else has been convicted for these crimes, but an innocent man is no longer behind bars. The Post's Maria Glod and Anita Kumar report.

Question: what were you doing 25 years ago? Me personally, I was lacing up my velcro kicks and trading candy bars with my best friend Reg in kindergarten. Also happening then was the launch of Washington Post Magazine, one of the more influential mags of my short life. To commemorate the anniversary issue, Posties sat down to try to identify the 25 most important moments of that time span. Then, they called in the ace, Marc Fisher. Here's his list of what has defined this city's past quarter-century.

The new NBA schedule was released last night , and the Wizards have zero — count them, ZERO — nationally televised games. NBA TV doesn't count in my book because only pro hoops junkies like myself even have that channel. Nonetheless, the new red-white-and-blue 'Zards open the season the day after Christmas (stocking stuffer!) against the New Jersey Nets. If you're wondering, as of this writing, Kris Kardashian Humphries is still on the Nets roster. Here's the rest of the schedule.

Extra Bites

• Today is the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I could tell you what I've read about it, or you could just listen to a man that was actually there. This story could bring you to tears. There's also audio and a gallery of old-timey newspaper fronts. :/

• Apparently Alec Baldwin got thrown off a plane yesterday because he was playing Words With Friends before takeoff. In a fun twist, former boxer Oscar de la Hoya was on the flight and saw the whole thing.

• This is neither here nor there, or new whatsoever — but it should brighten up your gloomy day. If not that, try this.

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