Some readers wrote me yesterday, saying that my classification of a headline about dolphins that died from a drug overdose after a rave as the “best ever” was inappropriate. And they're right. I apologize. It was a crass comment, but I will say that sometimes great headlines do not come from happy stories.

1600 PENN -- Season: Pilot -- Pictured: (l-r) Benjamin Stockham as Xander, Martha MacIsaac as Becca, Bill Pullman as Dale, Amara Miller as Marigold, Josh Gad as Skip, Jenna Elfman as Emily, Andre Holland as Marshall Malloy. (NBC)

While Vice President Biden is busy starting fires for the White House, Tim Kaine could fall into the same trap. After Biden took a public stance in support of gay marriage on "Meet the Press" — a position somewhat different from the president's — Kaine, now running for the Senate in Virginia, took a more moderate stance. The Post's Ben Pershing explains the former governor's interesting history with the issue.

More luxury is coming to Bethesda. The relatively swanky suburb that sports some of the area's more upscale retail options is getting a brand-new building. According to developers the Peterson Cos., luxury movie theater operator Silverspot has signed on as the anchor tenant for Rock Spring Centre, set for Old Georgetown Road and Rock Spring Drive. Capital Business's Danielle Douglas reports on the details.

I like charcuterie, partly because I like saying the word "charcuterie." But the process of curing meats is nowhere near as easy as using a French accent to pronounce something. And in this country, the butchery skills required for the process are not well-taught in culinary schools. There's only really one way to learn how to break down a pig and that's by doing it. Cathy Barrow writes for The Post that interest in chefs smoking, salting and curing pork is on the rise.

The Caps face elimination tonight, but luckily they get to do it at home. Alex Ovechkin was held without a shot on goal in Game 5, but the team and fans seem more confident than ever about tonight's prospects. And considering how the team bounced back from that triple OT loss to the Rangers, it's understandable. The Post's Neil Greenberg provides a detailed statistical analysis of the series so far, and Katie Carrera previews Game 6 at the Verizon Center.

Extra Bites

• My colleague Mark S. Luckie has a new book out that basically lays out everything you need to know as a journo these days. If you're in the game and need to learn, you should spent a lot of quality time with "The Digital Journalist's Handbook" Trust me.

• You can pay a guy to follow and scare the stuffing out of your kid for their birthday. Bonus: He dressed as a creepy clown the whole time, too. Fun!

• This is pretty sweet photoblog from D.C. H/t to Elahe Izadi.

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