Apparently, people are upset that I left the Redskins out of yesterday's newsletter. Sorry, but I'll be doing it again. I refuse to officially contribute to the foolishness at this point. Love the team, can't deal with the drama. Sorry, kids.

A voter enters a polling site. (David Goldman/AP)

Hot car deaths have become an unfortunate fact of life in today's society . People forget their children in vehicles and sometimes the kids die. But the question as to whether or not this should be punishable by law is still being handled on a case-by-case basis. In Bristow, Va., a woman recently pleaded guilty to child neglect charges in the death of her son, who died after being forgotten in her car. She won't be going to jail, The Post's Jeremy Borden reports.

Al-Qaeda is alive and well in Yemen . The terrorist group once headed by Osama bin Laden is still taking over towns and setting up shop in rogue territories across the globe. When the network's factions joined forces to create AQAP, they put Washington on alert again. Take a journey with Casey Coombs, a freelance journalist working with Foreign Policy, who decided to spend some time with the black flag in their newest Yemeni enclave.

I'm not going to lie, I'm excited to watch "Fashion Star." Maybe it's the years of being desensitized to ridiculous competition shows, but this looks good to me. Mind you, I have not watched one minute of this program. You know who has? The Post's Hank Steuver, who manages to review the show's first episode and only take 46 words to use the word "pizzazz." Seriously, though, it's a semi-genuine creative idea for a television program. Don't get those too often.

If you don't already know, I'm not filling out brackets this year . Best decision I've made in a long time. That aside, I'm still interested in college hoops. And when The Post's Jenna Johnson informed me that VCU coach Shaka Smart gets paid extra money when his players graduate, I was a bit stunned. Jenna breaks down the bracket based on graduation rates, and you might be a bit surprised as to who the champion is.

Extra Bites

• Yahoo is suing Facebook. To be clear, as far as business plans go, Yahoo suing Facebook is right under Yahoo winning a suit against Facebook and above Yahoo not suing Facebook, as good ways to get publicity.

• If you care at all about pop stars, mid-90s R&B or "The Notebook," you'll want to watch this video. It's far from new and it's every bit of awesome.

• James R. Hagerty wins the “Son of the Day” award in my book.

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