When I wrote that piece about being a black hockey fan last week, I had no idea how people would react. And I never expected to hear from owner Ted Leonsis himself about it. Well, I did. I'll let you know how it goes.

A red line train departs the Rhode Island Ave. station in Washington, DC on March 26. (Bonnie Jo Mount)

I come from a family of cabbies on one side . It isn't an easy job. But the state of D.C. taxis is at serious low point in terms of service and driver morale. Between the fear of getting robbed, a seeming lack of support from the D.C. government and general rider malaise, I can imagine it's a stressful way to make a living these days. Check out this video that comes from the Shaw listserv that sums up many of the system's woes in just 6+ minutes. The Post's Mike DeBonis explains.

Across the pond, beers are served at room temperature for the most part . Many people in this country see that as blasphemous, and if you let advertisers tell it, you'd presume that anything short of near freezing is unacceptable when consuming a brew. But true beer snobs like Slate's Mark Garrison will let you know that frosty temps not only mask the errors of generic brands, but can deaden the flavor of the artisanal microbrews that you’re hip to drink. I like all beer cold. Until it hurts my teeth.

Apple is calling their newest tablet computer “resolutionary.” I'm going to go with “clunkier.” They released their new iPad yesterday with much pomp, and apparently the new retina display is amazing. As in, better than your HDTV. It also has a quad-core processor and 4G LTE, which if nothing else, is fun to say. But it's still a tablet, and this version is heavier and thicker than the old one. Nonetheless, The Verge's Joshua Topolsky was blown away by the screen alone.

The Wizards won a game last night and I don't even know how to act . I went out to dinner with no plans to watch it because I just assumed the Lakers would crush them, and boy was I wrong. Trevor Booker had a proverbial coming-out party and exploded for a double-double with 18 points and 17 rebounds. You know what I wasn't wrong about? Andray Blatche. In 10 minutes, he scored 4 points, had 2 rebounds and a plus/minus of -11. Michael Lee has the gamer.

Extra Bites

• Some new images are out for what the new proposed building at White Flint might look like. It's apparently been dubbed "North Bethesda Market II" and it looks interesting, to say the least.

• It's International Women's Day and there's a Google doodle to go with it. Comic Riffs' Michael Cavna explains both the day and the image.

• If you need office exercises, check out this video. You might see someone you know!

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