Yesterday, I addressed the issue of racism in hockey culture. If you missed it, here it is. Or, if you'd prefer to hear me talk with WTOP's Dmitri Sotis about it, there's that, too. Props to both the Bruins and Capitals owner Ted Leonsis for speaking up about it as well.

Passengers on the Red Line wait for the train to stop as it pulls into Wheaton station. (Michael S. Williamson/THE WASHINGTON POST)

It looks like the check has finally come for the Occupy tab. It's going to cost nearly $8,000 to restore the grounds destroyed by people camping at McPherson Square. I walked by it just yesterday and, honestly, the fenced-off look is kind of depressing. Apparently, there's now going to be another standoff at the park, this time over whether or not the people there will make way for flowers to grow. Just in time for tourist season! The Post's Annie Gowen has the details.

There are few things that make me happier than seeing Washingtonians apply their trade in the city. And it's particularly cool to see those same people doing their best to tell the stories of fellow D.C. natives. And when that person is someone you went to school with your whole life, well, that's extra inspiring. Ellie Walton is a documentary filmmaker. She lives in D.C. and is an amazing storyteller. The Post's Carla Broyles profiles the career of a longtime friend of mine.

This area is home to a vast melange of cultures. If done right, a trip around the Beltway can feel like a trip around the globe, if you know where to look. And lucky for us, many of the people that have come here have brought their brand of the world with them. In other words, if you like markets, this is a good place to be. The Post's Emily Wax, who honed her market game as a foreign correspondent in New Delhi, takes us on a trip around the region's ethnic enclaves.

The important day of the NFL Draft has come and gone, and many Redskins fans are far happier. The team picked Robert Griffin III, also known as RGIII. This is officially what's known as the honeymoon period. I'll check back in when they actually start playing football games that count on Sept. 9. But in the meantime, the D.C. Sports Bog has a plethora of stories about the man who has yet to play a down for the Redskins.

Extra Bites

• M.I.T. isn't exactly known as a mecca of cool, but their tradition of throwing a piano off a dorm roof every year to commemorate the last available day to drop a class without consequence is downright awesome.

• Rule 1 of catching foul balls at baseball games: Give them all to the nearest seated kid. Rule 2: Always follow Rule 1. No questions asked.

• This is the best picture of a bear falling out of a tree you'll ever see. Happy weekend, kiddos!

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