America will never understand black atheletes who don’t apologize for their abilities. America wants wholesome-ness. They want humble blackness served up in fair kindness. But what is a man who has been headbutted three times supposed to do? He is supposed to knock him out as soon as possible and every black dad knows this.

Because this is taught: The world isn’t fair and as soon as you can you hop on and stay on.

It’s in Martin Luther King’s “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” when he states that “unjust laws are not to be followed.” It is Malcolm X in the window with the pistol. We aren’t a people of apologizes. Truthfully, we have apologized too long. So what happens if Mayweather and Ortiz stand their hugging it out? Like he said, “I’m in the fight business.”

Ortiz forgot that. Is Mayweather Muhammad Ali? Yes and No. He is our generations closest thing and, if you don’t like that, blame yourself. He is excess and bragging and flashy trumped up male bravado. He is exactly what his generation created. We made him the same way, the 60s made Ali.

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