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The District has given its residents a Web site to openly gripe about its public services. This is nothing short of amazing. For one, things have come a long way since getting publicly dressed down and humiliated was just a part of life at the DMV. Yes, that experience is still hell, but it's nothing like it was in the pre-broadband era. Also, I cannot imagine that there are enough servers in the world to handle the load this site is going to have to deal with. The Post's Marissa Evans reports on the details.

Rodney Livingston walks the sidewalk next to his tent. The one of the Occupy DC tents that remains at McPhearson Square after months of encampment by protestors on June 12, 2012 in Washington, D.C. (Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

The Corcoran's predicament is a complicated one. The museum has multiple moving parts, namely a gallery and a college, and the estimated cost of renovating its facility is $130 million. That number seems awfully high to some. So facility officials provided a breakdown to The Washington Post of what exactly needs to be done. To sum it up, the building is super old. Like, more than a century. The Post's David Montgomery and Jacqueline Trescott explain.

I don't know what it is with people trying to use the n-word. After Gwyneth Paltrow apparently tweeted it in reference to the song name by Kanye West and Jay-Z, people were outraged, and it set off a wave of “who's allowed to use it” discussions across the Internet. Rapper Nas went out of his way to give Paltrow a “pass” to use the hateful word. Slate's Jonah Weiner investigates the so-called pass — which, I repeat, DOES NOT EXIST. If you're not black, don't use it, period. If you are, ask yourself why.

Bryce Harper is a beast. I need not point this out everyday, but sometimes I have no choice. Last night, after he clubbed an absolute bomb of a homer at Rogers Centre in Toronto, leading the Nats to a win, a reporter figured he'd get in a great question. See, the legal drinking age in Canada is 19. So, this guy asked Bryce if he was going to enjoy a cold one to celebrate his 450-foot blast. Harper replied with the best answer in the history of 19-year-olds, saying, "That's a clown question, bro." Cised. For. Bryce.

Extra Bites

• Henry Hill, the man who Ray Liotta played in "Goodfellas," based on the book "Wiseguys," died in L.A. last night. This guy is an iconic figure in American popular culture, no doubt about it. I might have to watch that movie tonight.

• Here are some rather incredible long exposure photographs. I know these are technically doctored, to an extent, but they still look very cool.

• What's your soap opera name? Mine is Leonardo Ellington.

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