A recent survey says that 30 percent of women admit that they knew they were marrying the wrong person when they walked down the aisle. Do you know someone like that? Was it you? What to do now?

· Should you put your child in that chic private school?

· What are the new house rules since so many extended families are living under one roof?

· Should you co-sign your nephew’s school loan/get a family member to co-sign your loan?

It’s situations like these that “Old School Lessons” is here for. It’s where we’re going to apply the mother wit some of us were lucky enough to inherit, and the faith of our fathers that often left us a little sore on the behind: “Go get me a switch!” Oooh.

If you don’t remember that, this place is really for you. I’m planning on us sharing what our grandmothers, uncles, aunts and assorted cousins had to say way back when, stuff that still makes a lot of sense. (I know a lot of it didn’t. We’ll break some of that down, too.)

Much of what we can learn from those old mothers, and other-mothers, and Big Mamas is timeless, like making sure the kids are in the house before dark, turning off the TV until the homework is done, getting the teacher’s side of the story before going off on her. And don’t forget to grease your legs up good in the wintertime and keep that child’s chest warm!

We can move forward by looking back, applying those old family values to the stark realities that still put our families at risk. Guns in college dormitories, 50 percent high school drop-out rates. We’ll also use this space to focus on new ideas to raise up great children, strengthen marriages, restore relationships. Even keeping your crazy cousin at bay. I love that men in Prince George’s are standing on street corners early in the morning just to greet children on the way to school.

I’ll also give up ideas about handling dilemmas in our homes that seem intractable on a grander scale: How do you get your daughter to finish school and go to college?

I grew up with 43 aunts and uncles and 90-something first cousins in the DMV and learned a lot about family. I’ll give you my best advice, plus that of the experts- which include you.

So let’s start. I want to know what you want to know about, ideas and questions like,

· Those sisters who go down the aisle dizzy with questions about the one waiting at the altar? Were you pregnant? Two wrongs don’t make I right, my Aunt Margaret would say.

· How to get your child into a chic private school

· Schools that call the police before they call the parent

· Getting a family member to co-sign your loan

Email me at OldSchoolLessons@gmail.com and I’ll start posting your queries and ideas to get the “Old School Lessons” going. Welcome.

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