Courtney Pearson, the first African-American homecoming queen at the University of Mississippi, rides in the homecoming parade in Oxford, Miss. on Friday, Oct. 12. (Bruce Newman/AP)

Just weeks before the 50th anniversary of the integration of the University of Mississippi, Courtney Pearson became the first black woman to be crowned homecoming queen at Ole Miss. Earlier this week, the senior English secondary education major talked with CNN’s Don Lemon about her win and what it says about race relations at Ole Miss. 

After so many African American candidates had been passed up for the title, Pearson said she believed the student body was growing and progressing, learning to look at character instead of skin color.  She’s also a curvy woman, breaking not only racial boundaries, but bringing some body diversity to Ole Miss’s homecoming court. So awesome!

Mini-photo bomb!

Hopefully, this has already graced your computer screen. If not, allow me to bring this unmitigated adorableness into your life. President Obama visited a few elementary school students and was mini-photo-bombed by a boy giving his classmate a smooch on the cheek. Not sure what’s better: the fact that no one in the photo seems to notice or the little girl’s afro puff.

Azealia Banks boycotts Dolce & Gabanna over “black mammie imagery”

The New York-based rapper went on an expletive-ridden Twitter rant in response to the controversial “Blackamoor” earrings from Dolce & Gabanna’s Spring 2013 show. The collection was inspired by the “colonialist era.” While we may have expected to see a lot of burlap and lace, we got that and more: the models were all wearing earrings in the shape of a black woman’s scarf-covered head.

Not sure how these things keep happening, but Banks’s stand against it is commendable. A relatively new artist, Azealia Banks has become one of fashion’s favorite rappers in recent months, so she is taking a major risk here, as Clutch noted.

New Chinua Achebe book in stores

Nigerian literary legend Chinua Achebe released a memoir to “bookend” his career. “There Was a Country” centers on post-colonial Nigeria — the rise and fall of Biafra, dictatorship and eventual democracy — all from Achebe’s point of view. The book has been in stores for a few weeks. Read more at Atlanta Blackstar.

The Michelle Obama Diaries

This “Black Awesomeness” series is starting to feel a bit like the “Issa Rae Chronicles,” but whatever — as long as she’s cranking out hits, they are making it onto this list. Her newest creation? “The Michelle Obama Diaries.” It’s a Web series that gives us an inside look at what the first lady is “really” thinking. The inappropriate questions from “,” the talk of Mrs. Obama’s excellent approval rating, the FLOTUS demanding that her daughters be in bed before “Scandal” comes on — it is just hilarious. Get more details and check out the full Webisode at

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