One of my greatest aspirations in life was to complete and publish my first solo book: “The Universe Is Inviting You In.” I was twenty-two years old and had literally just graduated from college when I decided to begin writing this book. I encountered every type of opposition you could imagine: “You’re just too young” went common retort.“No one is going to buy your book,” was another. I even had a supposed religious superior say to me: “What makes you think you can write a book? I haven’t even done it yet!”

In a world where many people are satisfied with existing and surviving, you often find a degree of opposition is if you chart a path to a higher level. These are realities that I accepted when I was pursuing my vision to become an author and speaker.

My vision preserver came in the form of Dr. Wayne Dyer, who in 2006 released a book titled: “Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling.” Every morning while I was writing my book, I would wake up and listen to the audio version of his book and allow the message of possibility to absorb into my being, negating all thoughts of doubt and fear.

Self-development - taking in messages that help you believe in the many possibilities life has to offer- is the ultimate vision preserver because it creates an uncommon story in your mind to match the uncommon vision in you. There’s always internal dialogue as it relates to the possibility of us living our visions in life. We’re human beings with flaws, so naturally doubt will find its way into our thoughts. Having a barrier against these thoughts gaining any power is determined by whatever message we take in the most.

The message that is taken in the most ultimately wins and dominates our thoughts. If you want to create a wall of resistance against thoughts and opinions of doubt, constantly absorb messages of possibility. The message of “average” that dominates this world is automatic. This is why so many people opt for an average existence, and never entertain the many possibilities of creating something greater for their life.

There’s truly no end to where your vision can take you. As human beings, all we can do is set things in motion we want for ourselves, but ultimately something greater is in charge of creating outcomes. These outcomes may even surprise you when the pursuit of your vision culminates.

Eventually in the writing of my book, “The Universe Is Inviting You In,” I tried to live these lessons. I became quiet and accepted the reality that no one would see my dreams as clearly as I did. I just kept writing until the book was complete. Something inside me told me to then take an extra bold step: I wanted to present my book to world famous motivational speaker, Les Brown, when he came to Prince George’s County.

After Brown finished speaking, I waited for the crowd of people to subside slightly, and re-introduced myself to him. I was able to get his staff to take a look at an unedited raw form of my book, with the hopes that Brown would write a few words about it.

To my surprise, right as my book had been edited and on it’s way through the printing press, I received an email from his staff saying they loved my book and to use Brown’s testimonial, which reads: “The Universe Is Inviting You In, is a great tool on the road to your destiny. Each of us must choose our path and utilize the knowledge and wisdom that is guiding our journey from within, giving us the power to live our dreams.” –Les Brown {The Motivator}

I had to scramble to get his testimonial on the front cover of my book before it went through the printing press. It worked, as accommodations were made. Imagine the opportunity I would have missed out on if I accepted opinions of people who were never designed to share my visions’ clarity.

Never deny yourself the opportunity to live your vision, before exploring the possibilities of it. Your vision preserver is no further than you creating and maintaining a message of possibility in all you aspire to do and create. What will you create?

Matthew C. Horne, motivational speaker and author, is president and CEO of Optimum Success International, a speaking and publishing company located in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area.

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