This week’s pregame delicacy is equivalent to the two-minute drill.  When there’s no time for slow cooking meat, with 20 minutes until kickoff you have to go into your “hurry-up” grilling immediately.

The situational pregame grilling is compliments of your significant other who insisted that you attend the 11 o’clock service when the Skins take the field at 1pm. What she failed to mention is that the pastor is hosting special invited guests that include Rev. Longwinded and the award winning AME choir from Greensboro, North Carolina who make Art of Noise’s Moment In Love seem like a 30 second freestyle. It’s time for a go-to-play and for me it’s my individual grilled pizza!

 First, you prepare your charcoal grill for indirect heat. While the flames are at their peak, this is a good time to transition to preparing your grilled pizza.

Start with dicing up grilled chicken strips, onions, green peppers, yellow peppers, and garlic. Next, spread your favorite pizza sauce evenly over flat bread. Then sprinkle mozzarella cheese over your sauce. Lastly, add your diced toppings and now you’re ready to grill. Before you place the pizza on the grill, lightly spread olive oil over the grill grate. 

Individual grilled pizzas. (Troy Queen/Troy Queen)

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