North Korean women cry after learning death of their leader Kim Jong Il on Monday, Dec. 19, 2011 in Pyongyang, North Korea. (AP/AP)

Vincent Gray is doing everything he can to reform the taxicab situation in D.C. The mayor has proposed a reform bill that would mandate electronic payment systems and basically upgrade the entire rider experience altogether. Let's not forget that last week the D.C. Taxicab Commission authorized a relatively steep fare hike, so these improvements will come at a price. There's even talk that all cabs could be forced to switch to one color, New York style. The Post's Mike DeBonis reports.

Who's having the worst year in Washington? If you guessed Rex Grossman, you'd be wrong. As obvious as it may seem, the very people we elect to run this country had an awful 2011, a point made obvious by the Occupy movement. Between the budget deal, the debt-ceiling debate and the so-called supercommittee, things have been a mess on Capitol Hill. The Post's Chris Cillizza breaks down the debacle in three acts.

We're getting into crunch time for the shopping season . And if you enjoy doing your work in that regard online, then you're looking at a deadline for items to get to your house on time. Or, if you're shipping items out to family and friends, you could be looking at hefty prices from delivery services or long lines at the Post Office. Lucky for you, we've got your planning covered. The Post's Christina Barron has a solid list of exactly who charges what, so you can coordinate.

When I was a kid, NERF was the jam . The toy gun collection was safe enough to bring to school for random pranks and also colorful enough to not be confused with any real weaponry. As I got older, they became great tools for keeping some semblance of order as a camp counselor. NERF is still going strong, and Slate's Farhad Manjoo has been playing with them a lot recently. Alas, he's concerned that their " terrifying awesomeness" may be a sign of something larger in our society.

Yesterday was the Redskins' best performance of the season so far . Sure the Giants looked awful and dropped an easy TD catch that may have changed the game early, but for once the Skins looked like professionals. They handed the then-division-leading Giants a pretty solid thumping, which added up to a sweep, the first time that's happened since I graduated from high school. The Post's Mike Jones has the gamer, and Jason Reid says DeAngelo Hall has his swagger back. Truth.

Extra Bites

• If you look up the columnist in an encyclopedia, George Vecsey's picture might as well be next to it. The longtime New York Times writer was a legend. He ended his regular column last week. Do yourself a favor and read The Post's Steven Goff's tribute to him.

• Soon enough, Apple will not only control your phone, your computer and your music, it will have a hold on your television, too. The computer company is rumored to be making more than minor waves for breaking into the business.

• The No. 10 local story of the year is ... the Georgetown basketball brawl in China. What a story that was.

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