Redskins fan Marcus Matthews goes the extra mile with a football themed wedding cake. (Marcus Matthews/Marcus Matthews)

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Q: What made you become a Redskins fan?
A: I became a Skins fan because when I grew up they were one of the premiere franchises during that time and, of course, they were the home team.

Q:Who is your favorite player ever to wear the burgundy & gold?
A: Darrell Green.

Q: What’s your most memorable Redskins moment?
A: Super Bowl XVII, John Riggins TD run.

Q: If you were Daniel Snyder, what would you do to make the Skins a Superbowl contender?
A: Hire the best football staff money can buy and just step away ala Marc Cuban.

Q: What makes you a unique Skins fan?
A: Wouldn’t say I’m unique, but I bleed Burgundy & Gold and will always be a fan no matter how much they toy with my emotions.

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