Redskins fan of the week, Richard Hawkins. (The WalkOns/The WalkOns)

Q: What made you become a Redskins Fan?
A: I remember when I was six years old, my family went nuts when John Riggins ran 43 yards for a touchdown in Super Bowl XVII against the Miami Dolphins. That was the day I became as Redskins fan.

Q: Who’s your favorite player ever to wear the burgundy and gold?
A: Man this is a hard one because there are so many greats in the franchise history. But I think the player that I most wanted to be like was Art Monk. He’s a real classy guy.

Q: What’s your most memorable Redskins moment?
A: This is another unfair question. But If I had to pick the most memorable Skins moment it would be Super Bowl XXII. To watch Doug Williams accomplish what currently no other black man has accomplished to this point has to be the most memorable. 

Q: If you were Daniel Snyder, what would you do to make the Skins a Superbowl contender?
A: This question I will be very candid. I don’t like Snyder very much. But the one thing that I do respect him for is knowing when to step aside. The best move he’s made is letting Mike Shanahan take over.

Q: What makes you a unique Skins fan?
A: I think what makes me a unique Redskins fan is that you can ask me anything about the team and I probably can answer it.

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