Redskins fan of the week, Larry Juhans. (Troy Queen/Troy Queen)

Q: What made you become a Redskins fan?
A: What made me a Redskins fan is that I grew up watching football with my father, he was a fan.

Q: Who’s your favorite player ever to wear the burgundy and gold?
A: My favorite Redskin- this is hard- but I will say it’s Doug Williams. When he represented us black people in the biggest game in the NFL (in Super Bowl XXII), and set all kinds of passing records while winning the game.

Q: What’s your most memorable Redskins moment?
A: My most memorable Redskins moment was the year they played the Miami Dolphins in the Super Bowl. It was third down and John Riggins bounced off a Dolphin in the back field and ran for a touchdown. We won the game too!

Q: If you were Daniel Snyder, what would you do to make the Redskins a Super Bowl contender?
A: I think Dan has finally got the point, he is now trying to be a better owner, he has gotten a quality general manager who helped him get a Super Bowl winning coach (Mike Shanahan). Now he’s building the team through the draft. Look at them now!

Q: What makes you a unique Skins fan?
A: I don’t look at myself as unique. I just feel since I was born and raised in D.C. I should root for and support my home team no matter what.

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