New poll shows that two-thirds of African American fans have a favorable view of the team. (Washington Post)

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I am 44 years old and did not know that the Redskins were the last team to integrate, nor, do I care. Never thought about race or anything like that and I have been a fan since I can remember.

So for me, who happens to be black, this article is plain stupid


: How can African Americans root for a team with a bigoted name, or any other one else for that matter?


I’m a black, educated guy and I love this article. A lot of people say “why is everything always about race” and that’s because it is in this country and has been since its inception. This article kind of just shows the parallel histories and parallel lives blacks and whites have lived in America since 1600. This article is a superficial, sports-based microcosm of the country, as is black vs white views on OJ Simpson, Mike Vick, Kobe Bryant way back when, etc. Until race as an issue is taken head on rather than swept under the rug through colorblind racist ideas, racial healing can never begin.

And I also hate the “I’m color blind” statement. It’s actually a form of racism to not acknowledge someone’s race. Martin Luther King, as many of you have referenced, didn’t dream of a color blind society, her dreamed of an equal society that recognized race as a cultural difference. For further reading look up color blind racism.


i did find it interesting that the love for the skins was broken down by race. age may have been a better measure in the sense that you can see if older folks love the skins more than younger. you can maybe draw conclusions that older fans love for the skins is strong based on their remembering when the team was good compared to younger people who have mostly known the team to be losers.

as a black man who grew up in the area and not a skins fan (im not a dallas fan either) i can say that my “hatred” or desire for the skins to lose got high once dan snyder took over the team. before that, i didn’t view the team in a negative light.. i just respected the team for being competitive while i cheered for my team.

if you a fan you a fan, win or lose. you can think negative about your team but a die hard will never go cheering for another team.


i am black and feel a connection with the team more than the owner. most of my friends and family feel the same way. The team has always been a part of my communities life. I grew up in s.e. and the only stadium we ever could see was rfk.. we didn’t go out to the capital centre to see the bullets, the only team that was touchable was the redskins..

i listened to dan and chad dukes yesterday on the radio, and i think they both have the concept wrong.. we redskins fans do not like the way the team has been handled but we support our team regardless.. we will support our own(family, team, mayor) thru thick and thin and when you have dallas fans continuingly talking smack, you cant change teams..

i dont blame everything on daniel snyder for the mishaps of the redskins.. jack kent cooke left the tam in chaos.. he was the person who didn’t leave the team to his son, moved the stadium to md and built the stadium. i have been to a few stadium and i agree that ours terrible.but i like the location and you will not be able to find a better location with the volume.. what i will say about dan snyder, everything that he has done, he did with the intention of helping the team.. that is why we don’t mind the moves that he has made.. but we realized that those moves were not the best for the team long term.. and he is continuesly trying to improve the stadium but there is a lot of work to do..