The Capitals have been affecting my blood pressure so negatively recently that I decided last night I was going to take a night off from watching them. Thankfully, they won, and apparently 'vintage' Ovechkin made an appearance. Good to hear.

If you think the middle class is shrinking in the District, you'd be right . It's not just your eyeballs there to see the evidence: new Census data show that the income gap between blacks and whites in the city is one of the widest in the country. In addition, it turns out that in the D.C. suburbs, that gap is much smaller. It's an interesting dichotomy created by gentrification. Basically, many people who could afford to leave the city, have. The Post's Carol Morello and Ted Mellnik report on the trend.

The Occupiers are back at it, trying to top themselves yet again . Every day I wait to see what this group can pull off next. Yesterday, more than 70 people were arrested after they decided to literally shut down K Street by standing in the middle of a busy downtown intersection all afternoon. I'm sure they didn't gain many sympathizers by completely mucking up an already rainy (and thus chaotic) evening rush hour. The Post's Annie Gowen and Tim Craig report on the hectic scene.

Republican Presidential hopeful and former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA). (Alex Wong/GETTY IMAGES)

Full disclosure: I don't really have any idea what Pinterest is . The name is goofy enough for me to not want to regularly say it out loud, which immediately disqualifies it from my use, but I do know it exists and apparently matters. From what I understand, if you find anything cool at all on the web, you can pin it to your "board" and others can look at it. I realize I sound like a crazy old man. But heck, Slate's Farhad Manjoo doesn't really get it either.

Another year, another disastrous end to the season for the Redskins . This year it came in the form of two of the teams best players violating the NFL drug policy, and thus being forced to apologize to the team for getting suspended for the rest of the year. Obviously, a lot of team brass are disappointed in the two, none more than Bruce Allen, whose father used to coach the team. Tom Boswell columnizes on how the team GM has handled the situation.

Extra Bites

• Protip: don't shoot off a cannon in a residential area. That's what Discovery Channel 'MythBusters' was apparently out to prove when they, hello, accidentally misfired a cannon in a San Francisco neighborhood. Protip #2: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

• My countdown to the release of 'The Adventures of Tintin" is in full effect, but the comic I've loved since I was a boy is not without its historical controversy. This ought to catch you up.

• Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg were at WPGC yesterday, rocking two of the coolest hats ever.

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