The Cirque du Soleil performance last night was easily the most impressive thing I've ever seen at an Oscars show. It was genuinely mesmerizing. More of that and less Billy Crystal, please. Let's talk about it!

WMATA metro station. (WMATA)

Now that the Occupy movement has largely died down, more news about its origins are coming to light . Back in November, as protestors first settled in for the long haul at two parks in D.C., a cryptic news bulletin went out to security officials. Authorities found an article titled "When You Should Shoot a Cop" at an Occupy Phoenix encampment and law enforcement personnel across the country were put on alert. The Post's Tim Craig reports on how the tension is still high as a result.

My impressions of the dog-grooming industry are solely shaped by "Dumb and Dumber." Every time I hear that someone is getting into the business, I can't help but think of Jeff Daniels's character in the 1994 movie wearing that goofy dog outfit. But the industry is in fact quite lucrative, and Ethel Taylor wants a piece. The Post's Michael S. Rosenwald explains how a former missionary risked her life savings to become a part of the pet-care industrial complex.

Men's business clothes storefronts are becoming just as prevalent as food trucks downtown . Some time back, Thomas Pink expanded its imprint on the power corridor by moving into a bigger store on Connecticut Avenue. There's also a Men's Wearhouse a block and a half away. Not to mention the Jos. A Bank that's farther up on 19th Street. Now, another British shirtmaker, Charles Tyrwhitt, is on its way into the mix. The Post's Danielle Douglas has the details.

Ryan Zimmerman is going to be a National for a long time . The third baseman from Virginia Beach inked a six-year, $100 million contract extension yesterday. The coolest part about this deal, IMO, is the $10 million deferred payment for a five-year personal services agreement even after he retires from the diamond. On a less exciting note, the Capitals had to put Nicklas Backstrom on long-term injured reserve, meaning he's likely done for the regular season. Oh, and D.C.'s own Kevin Durant won the NBA All-Star Game MVP.

Extra Bites

• If you didn't hear the incredible hour of radio featuring The Washington Post's Marc Fisher, NBC4's Tom Sherwood and Ward 8 Council member Marion Barry Friday on WAMU, click here right now. This is what we call an instant classic.

• On Saturday, Diddy was participating in the NBA Dunk Contest in Orlando. On Sunday, he won an Oscar for the film "Undefeated" he executive produced. Yep, he wins the weekend.

• If you're reading this on an iPad and you like politics, you should probably check this out.

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