I got a press release yesterday about a ’90s-themed party hosted by the guy that played Mr. Belding on "Saved by the Bell" that would feature a performance by Sisqo of Dru Hill fame. Needless to say, I will be attending this event.

Overview of the fire that engulfed both an apartment building and a church in the Mt. Pleasant area of Washington, DC March 12, 2008. The Deauville Building is the burnt building in the rear. (Giuliana Nakashima/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Brittany Norwood's sentencing is set for today in Montgomery County at 1:30 . As the woman who admitted to killing her co-worker Jayna Murray in the back of the Lululemon yoga store in November, her options are understandably grim. She either gets life, or life with a chance at parole. Predictably, Norwood's family has pleaded for the 29-year-old to get a chance to one day be free. The Post's Mary Pat Flaherty reports.

There was a major shake-up in the D.C. media world yesterday . When the words “Mark Plotkin out at WTOP” hit my Twitter feed, I was stunned. Plotkin is the most outspoken and impassioned supporter of the city in the media, and his in-your-face style had worked at the news station for 10 years. Apparently, he got a little too heated recently in the newsroom and they had to let him go. The Post's Paul Farhi gets the skinny from his former colleagues.

When I first saw the trailer for the “The Grey” I wasn't exactly thrilled . There's something about watching men fight wolves that doesn't quite do it for me. But the more I thought about it, it occurred to me: If I were going to watch one person fight wolves in the wild, wouldn't it be Liam Neeson? Slate's Dana Stevens reviews the movie, and Slate's L.V. Anderson wonders whether fighting off wolves with broken miniature liquor bottles is even possible.

The Nationals signed former Phillies closer Brad Lidge yesterday . There are people in the world getting tired of D.C. teams signing Philly castoffs, but this is a decent pickup in my opinion. He provides a little stability on the backend of that bullpen as a setup guy. Truthfully, I don't think he'll be with the team for the entire season, as a guy like him will be good trade bait for a contender later on. But right now, The Post's Adam Kilgore wonders just how good the Nats staff is.

Extra Bites

• This story is disturbing on multiple levels. A girl, 17, who ate almost strictly chicken nuggets for 15 YEARS, was rushed to a hospital in the UK after she had trouble breathing and collapsed. Yes, the two things are related. Unreal.

• There’s a new app being dubbed the “Avoid the Ghetto” app for GPS devices. WAMU's DCentric blog wonders just how that app determines what is dangerous and what is not.

• If you like "Downton Abbey," this picture will make your weekend. If not, get with the program.

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