Angela Davis in an image from The Black Power mixtape. (Tom Goetz)

Willow and Jaden Smith joined their parents at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival for the premiere of the new documentary on Angela Davis’s life, “Free Angela and All Political Prisoners,” which is being produced by Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and Jay-Z.

The film was directed by Shola Lynch who produced the 2004 documentary, “Chisholm ’72: Unbought & Unbossed”, about Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm’s historic 1972 run for president of the United States.

Watch the trailer for “Free Angela and All Political Prisoners” below.

There’s also a great interview with Shola Lynch about the upcoming documentary over at Ebony, where she discusses Angela Davis’s reaction to the film and what she learned while making the film.

Tracy Reese is coming for your wallets.

Tracy Reese, the New York-based designer behind Michelle Obama’s most popular Democratic National Convention dress, debuted her Spring/Summer 2013 Collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Much like the now-famous dress, Reese’s Spring/Summer line is fun, bright and colorful. My wallet is already screaming in agony.

Also: Mrs. O’s DNC dress will be in stores soon. Happy happy, joy joy.

Serena Williams is back. Be afraid.

Anyone who thought Serena Williams needed to retire after her poor performance during the 2012 French Open should be busy choking on their words. The 30-year-old tennis player turned things all the way around. Not only did she win her fifth Wimbledon singles title, she also owned the London 2012 Olympics, winning in the gold singles, and in doubles, with her sister Venus as her partner.

And she was far from done. This week, Victoria Azarenka, the current No. 1 women’s tennis player in the world, was no match for Serena in the U.S. Open. Two points from losing, Serena gathered herself, won four consecutive games, and the match.

Watching Serena Williams turn things around after a heart-wrenchingly tough year – the pulmonary embolism, the quick French Open exit – has been amazing. It’s like she woke up, and remembered, “I am SERENA. WILLIAMS. Let’s go win some tennis matches.”

Chicago Public School teacher speaks out.

Originally spotted over at Colorlines, a Chicago teacher, Xian Barrett, wrote an open letter to Jean-Claude Brizard, the CEO of Chicago Public Schools, explaining exactly why he’s striking. And it’s nothing short of amazing. He wrote: “When you make me cram 30-50 kids in my classroom with no air conditioning so that temperatures hit 96 degrees, that hurts our kids.When you lock down our schools with metal detectors and arrest brothers for play fighting in the halls, that hurts our kids. When you take 18-25 days out of the school year for high stakes testing that is not even scientifically applicable for many of our students, that hurts our kids.”

Read his blog post in its entirety here.

Also: Rahm Emanuel does not, actually, like Nickelback.

“Awkward Black Girl” x W. Kamau Bell = Magnificence.

Issa Rae of “Awkward Black Girl” appeared on last night’s episode of W. Kamau Bell’s FX show, “Totally Biased”. In addition to his interview with Rae, W. Kamau Bell also challenged Paul Ryan to a “handsome-off.” I can’t deal.

More magnificent news: A new episode of ABG premiered last night. If you didn’t catch it, please go do so.

P.S. Issa, if you stumble across this, I totally get that you want each episode to be quality, but waiting an entire month between each episode is torture. I need to find out what’s going to happen with J’s job, White Jay, and Nina’s kinky twists. I have to know.

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