Georgetown Hoyas play the West Virginia Mountaineers on January 7, 2012. (Mitchell Layton/GETTY IMAGES)

A day without Wikipedia is like a day without your best wingman . Need an answer? Wiki it. Looking to end that argument about who led the Bullets in scoring in the 95-96 season? Wiki that badboy. Today, that's not an option. The Web site that isn't really supposed to be a solid source of fact, but most certainly is for most people, is blacked out in protest of two bills in Congress designed to end online piracy. In short, some people are totally annoyed about this legislation. The Post's Monica Hesse reports.

Pot shops are coming to D.C. soon, but only in limited numbers . After the D.C. Council passed emergency legislation yesterday, the number of places that can grow medical marijuana will be limited to six per ward. If that seems like a lot to you already, join the club. The city likes to call them 'cultivation centers' and 100 plants at a time is the most they can grow. The Post's Tim Craig reports on the latest from the herbal remedy front as it relates to the city.

The street signs in this city are my second favorite thing about the whole place . The big, block capital letters on the green background are a staple to me and now they're changing. Drastically. The city, per federalordinance, is eliminating the old look for a new, mixed-case setup that is apparently easier to read, according to studies. I'm not buying that at all, but that's just me. The Post's Mike DeBonis reports on what will surely end up as a race for all kinds of people to steal the old-school signs before they're removed.

Everybody knows a jerk when they see one . Especially in this city, where pretentiousness is proudly next to godliness for many. For some, the code words for identifying these folks are obvious. But sometimes, their moves are more subtle and you need to go double top secret to make sure everyone's on the same page. In comes the 'ACI.' See a guy wearing wayfarers and Toms in snowstorm? That's about an 85% ACI. Calvin Trillin (great name) explains what ACI is for Slate.

The Capitals embarrassed themselves in two ways last night . First, the team hung a 'regular season Eastern Conference Champions' banner like some sort of Mickey Mouse franchise, commemorating a non-achievement. Look, I know the Red Wings have done that, too. But there's a reason why Detroit is called 'Hockeytown.' Then, the team went out and laid a major egg against the Islanders, who are otherwise awful. The Post's Katie Carrera chronicles the carnage.

Extra Bites

• I was this close to attending this event on Saturday, but I bailed when the MP3 download situation was actually more complicated than I cared for. Turns out it went well, and here's some video of what it's like to play loud music in a botanic garden.

• The honey badger, and that guy who narrates its YouTube video are apparently getting a TV show. How many times can we learn what the honey badger does and does not give a flip about?

• This is my new favorite blog. It's nothing particularly groundbreaking or really even new, but I love it. Fug you.

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