What happened to ‘Strip Club Queens,’ the reality show starring strippers that was filmed at Stadium Club? In June, Newton Media Group released the trailer on YouTube, and more than 530,000 views later, people such as k332sexci01 are still asking “so where are the full episodes?”

The full episodes are still in the works because another city with a strong African American population stole the production company’s attention: Atlanta.

“We shot ‘Strip Club Queens Atlanta.’ And the cast is insane,” says Delmond Newton, head of Newton Media Group and the creator of both shows. “That kind of caused us to to come back to D.C. and really look at our cast and make sure that is the best that they can be.”

The cast of “Strip Club Queens Atlanta.” (Courtesy of Delmond Newton/Newton Media Group)

“Strip Club Queens Atlanta” will debut March 5 on his new app Urban Clout, which will be released for mobile devices the same day. Viewers can also watch on Urban Clout’s Web site in March.

Season one will have nine 23-minute episodes. The show will feature dancers from the Atlanta strip club Diamonds of Atlanta, including:

●Bebe, who moved to Atlanta after running into her brother one night while dancing at a club in Tennessee. She hopes the show will knock down misconceptions about strippers.

“It’s just a false representation that strippers have,” she says. “Everybody has a story with a struggle behind it.”

●Boy Toy, who is raising her two daughters, ages 15 and 4, her 17-year-old little brother, and a house full of pets: a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, a tarantula, a cat and three dogs.

“You want people to understand that we still have standards and morals and we’re still women and we still take care of everyday life plus work ‘til 5 and 6 o’clock in the morning,” she says.

There’s also Kat, the only white cast member, Sinna, Farrari and Ginger.

The District-based “Strip Club Queens” will be released in April or May, says Newton, and is currently being recast. Only some of the dancers from the original trailer, such as Miami, will remain on the show.

The decision to release the shows on a mobile network comes after months of speculation about which cable network would pick up the franchise.

“We went to the traditional route of television, and we went to the major networks. They all loved ‘Strip Club Queens,’ ” Newton says. “They said we want to do a deal with you guys. But what we saw was we’ll have more power and control [distributing it through Urban Clout], and the future of television is on your mobile device, anyway. . . . And what better show than ‘Strip Club Queens’ to launch off as a franchise brand and also launch the first urban-inspired mobile TV network at the same time?”

Urban Clout is a free app that will allow users to watch promotional content and trailers for “Strip Club Queens” and its other soon-to-be released shows, such as “Far From Home,” which examines what it’s like to be homeless in the District and Atlanta. Watching episodes, though, will cost you.

A membership, which includes access to all Urban Clout shows, will run at $2.99 per month. Non-members will be charged $.99 per episode.

Think this is the new cost of ratchet TV? Newton says “Strip Club Queens” is anything but ratchet. In fact, it’s educational television that breaks down negative stereotypes, he says.

“There’s a lot of girls that dance that are in it with a mission. They’re in it with a focus. They say ‘You know what? I would rather dance, stack as much money as I can, pay my taxes, reinvest my money and start my own business.’ And at that point, to me, that’s the true sense of entrepreneurship.”

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