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Written and created by Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard, it’s a video of a man in a terrible brown wig doing his best impression of the most helpless, narcissistic and annoying things ever said by women.

It’s become an epidemic, with countless parodies being uploaded.

One of the funniest – and most accurate – videos to be added to the series is stuff “white girls say…to black girls.”. Comedian and vlogger, Franchesca Ramsey donned a blonde wig and turned up her “valley girl” accent to mimic a number of the culturally insensitive things some white girls say to their black friends.

Uploaded Jan. 4, the video literally went viral overnight. Two days later, it already had 1,026,575 views, with 30,073 likes and 1,665 dislikes.

Ramsey covered just about everything. From the “not-to-sound-racist but” disclaimers that comes often before incredibly racist statements to the uncomfortable fascination with black hair (“Kind of feels like Cheetos!” “’s not real? It is? It is. Ok. Sorry.”)

Before I recap the entire video, click here to view it.

The best part about this video is that Ramsey portrays a girl who doesn’t seem to mean any harm. She just doesn’t know any better. And that’s the point of the parody – to educate.

So far, she’s gotten plenty of praise for the clip. Her comedic timing is excellent, and the way she covered the subject matter is spot on. Viewers flooded the comment section with these kind of posts: “I used to hear all of this everyday at my predominately white high school.”

For a while, one of the reigning top comments was from a woman who admitted that she’d said some of the statements made in the video to her friends, and vowed to do better in the future.

Of course, there was also some backlash. Viewers instantly harped on Ramsey’s “valley girl” accent, calling it “stereotypical” and “offensive.” Of course, the video is meant to be satirical, so that’s actually the point, but whatever.

One viewer was upset because she believed black women would be outraged if there was say, a stuff “black girls say…to white girls” video. (But if it’s as well done as this one, it may be received better than she thinks.)

Actually, I think Ramsey actually covered that kind of thinking in the video. “Why isn’t there a White Entertainment Television?”

Also hilarious: stuff “black guys say” by comedians Robin Thede and Inda Craig-Galván.

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