I tweeted a couple things about the Super Bowl last night, namely He-Man's appearance on the screen, but two people really went for it during the big game. Marion Barry showed us the right way to do it and Roland Martin demonstrated the wrong way.

Yeardley Love and George Huguely. (AP/AP)

When the United States of America makes the move to pull its diplomats from a country , it's safe to say that things are out of control. That's exactly what the government did Monday by closing the Embassy in Damascus, citing security concerns after President Bashar al-Assad's recent violent crackdowns on anti-government protestors. Syria’s history with the Assad regime is a long and complicated one, but this move from the U.S. seems to be a clear statement, The Post's Alice Fordham reports.

K Street is often referred to as the city's power corridor , in reference to the many law and lobbying firms that populate the NW street. When I think of it, I think of tricky service roads. In many ways, though, it is every bit the quintessential downtown D.C. If you just sat and watched, you'd see people of all types doing God knows what, and typically in a rush. The Post's Dan Zak takes a look back at the history of the famous road.

Madonna did a fine job last night for the halftime show , but one guy in particular stood out. That guy bouncing on a string was the undisputed winner of the night for me, and the fact that he did it wearing a toga was even funnier. It was like a Roman version of Cirque du Soleil with a Top 40 twist and probably the most creative thing I've seen at a Super Bowl in a long while. Turns out that little trick has a name: Slacklining. Slate's David Hagland explains.

RFK Stadium is 50 years old . D.C. United is one of the most storied clubs in MLS' history. Unfortunately these two things will still be linked for some time, for better or worse. The team is reportedly close to signing another lease at the classic yet somewhat tragic facility. I could go on for days about the travesty that is the fact that this team and city haven't found a way to build a soccer stadium, but that's for another day. The Post's Steven Goff updates us on the developments.

Extra Bites

• Today is the day that Robert Nesta Marley was born. Bob would have been 67 years old if he were still with us. I've mentioned my obsession with him before, but this is definitely my favorite song of his of all time. No questions asked.

• Don Cornelius died last week, but his legacy lived on in an amazing fashion in NYC over the weekend. A flash mob started a Soul Train line in Times Square of all places. Awesomeness.

• Don't look now, but Netflix, you have competition. This is good for everybody.

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