Over the break, I went to see "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" with the family, and I loved it. My sister wasn't a huge fan. But the motion-capture sequence during the credits is still my favorite part of both movies in the franchise.

Physical Therapist Crystal Smith works with Victor Robinson to strengthen his amputated leg and other muscle groups at United Medical Center in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 9, 2011. (Linda Davidson/THE WASHINGTON POST)

The world's newest nation will soon have its own embassy in Washington. South Sudan, which gained independence on July 9 has been busy making diplomatic in roads in the nation's capital and is close to joining the 190 other embassies in D.C. Aside from the struggle of the liberation movement, the effort to convene a corps of politicians has not been easy. But the nation's mission has essentially turned a grassroots movement into a full-fledged diplomatic machine, sort of. The Post's Emily Wax tells the story.

It seems the effort for a National American Latino museum has hit a snag . The bid to establish a new facility on the National Mall dedicated to the history and culture of American Latinos is being led by actress Eva Longoria and Jonathan Yorba, the chief executive of the Mexican Museum in San Francisco. Both were also involved in an push to create La Plaza, a similar museum effort in Los Angeles that has since floundered amid rumors of mismanagement and poor fundraising.

There's nothing more awkward than hearing people of a certain age try to identify catchphrases . But, renowned culture critic and author Ron Rosenblum did his best this year for Slate, and the results are quite interesting. The best part is his expert takedown of Occupy movement jokes (I'm totally occupying your inbox with this newsletter, hey-O! You get the idea.) However, any catchphrase breakdown that doesn't include the word "swag" misses the mark in my opinion. Clearly the word of the year.

If you're a D.C. sports fan, last night was a double whammy . The Caps got bludgeoned in Buffalo, giving up four first period goals and never really recovering. But the Wizards had their season opener last night at home against the Nets. Here's the short version. Blatche was named captain, the team went up big until Kris Kardashian Humphries took over (seriously), and a John Wall turnover effectively ended things. Then Blatche tweeted about why he didn't play better. Wizards hoops, folks.

Extra Bites

• There a tie at No. 5 for my local stories of the year, both involving politicians. First, the mess that has become of the Wilson Building with ethics violations and charges all over the place. Second, the fall of Prince George's ex-exec Jack Johnson. What a fraud.

• You think you're having a stressful holiday season? Try being stuck on a ship in thick Antarctic ice -- with a hole in your hull. Check out this wild video of the frozen seas up north.

• Didn't watch any TV this year? No problem. You can do it in four minutes. Spoilers and NSFW included.

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