Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. (JONATHAN ERNST/REUTERS)

Finally, someone is taking responsibility for polluting the once-glorious Anacostia River . Washington Gas Light Co., which dumped toxic chemicals into the river for more than 100 years, has agreed to clean up the riverbank after studies revealed that they were at fault, The Post's Darryl Fears reports. In a related story, D.C. Mayor Gray yesterday announced an environmental initiative to make the city a national model for clean energy.

Remember that lady who decided to take matters into her own hands regarding the Santa skeleton hanging outside the Loudoun County courthouse? She's finally speaking up about the incident. Mary Czarnecki, a longtime Leesburg resident, apparently not familiar with the laws, saw the figure and assumed there must have been some mistake. But when she self-regulated the city lawn, she had no idea she'd end up on the local news, The Post's Tom Jackman reports.

It's amazing how rational behavior can so quickly take a backseat when xenophobia arrives on the scene. After the TLC reality series "All-American Muslim" launched, designed to point out that many families that practice Islam face undue discrimination in the post-9/11 era, that exact case in point is now upon us. The home improvement chain Lowe's has decided to pull ads from the show after some group protested the show's positive portrayal of Muslims. I smell boycott.

I'm not a huge fan of horror films . I'll take a decent slasher flick to laugh at every now and again, but the psychologically scary movies involving creepy extensions of reality don't do it for me. And for whatever reason, Hollywood and America are obsessed with the genre of the bad seed flick. You know, person spawns devil child, whom then terrorizes everything around it. No. Thank you. Slate's Jessica Roake analyzes why these movies are so popular.

It's been an up-and-down year on the ice for the Capitals , but Jason Chimera has been a constant. The 32-year-old veteran winger is scoring at a blistering pace by his standards and hasn't missed a beat with the coaching changeover. Ahead of tonight's tilt against the Flyers, The Post's Katie Carrera chronicles how Chimera has been able to build confidence as a role player. Also, apparently Brooks Laich thinks Bruce Boudreau might one day be regarded as a hero in D.C. Ookay ...

Extra Bites

• I don't laugh at people suffering from difficult plights in life, but some situations are so comical that you have to laugh. This story of a homeless man in the Orlando area who stole a credit card and got caught getting a pedicure is one of them.

• We're getting to the time of year of lists, so I'm going to need your help. I'll be compiling my Top 10 Local Stories of the Year lists again, and I want your suggestions. My e-mail is below.

• Is this the tweet of the year? If you think the answer is no, you're not doing it right.

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