I was working on a story at home last night, and the girlfriend had control of the remote for the evening. We watched "The Voice"and "Smash"and I enjoyed both. Anthony got totally jobbed by the way in that challenge round. Just saying.

When I hear of gunmen running around on the loose downtown, I get pretty alarmed . And that's exactly the warning that kept running across the TV screen last night while I was on my couch. I got a text from my sister (a GWU post-grad) about an alert from the Secret Service that said a man with a gun was moving from the White House toward the school's campus. Apparently, they never found the guy, and that's the end of the story. Which is a bit scary. What happened to this guy?

Everyone and their mom seems to be the target of a federal investigation these days -- especially if you happen to be affiliated with anyone currently working in the Wilson Building. While raids were being conducted on Jeffrey E. Thompson, a longtime donor to many pols in town, the office of Jeanne Clarke Harris, a public relations consultant, was also being searched. Both of these people have intimate ties to both the mayor's office and other council members, meaning this story is not going away anytime soon.

When I saw the movie "Tower Heist," I enjoyed it because it had at least a shred of potential truth . But what happened in Arlington yesterday is real and still impossible to believe. A hospital cafeteria employee took a cab to his job, tied up a manager in an attempt to steal a safe, then tried to load the safe into the same cab and head out. Except the hero taxi driver saved the day. Oh, wait, the suspect was in possession of PCP? I see. The Post's Steve Hendrix reports.

The topic of hair can be a lightning rod in the black community . The cultural and sociological hang-ups surrounding how African Americans carry what's on their head has fueled much discussion for decades, and actress Viola Davis's appearance at the 84th Academy Awards was a perfect example. Her natural shocked the world. This weekend, the Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum is holding an event to discuss ethnic beauty and hair mythologies, The Style Blog's DeNeen Brown reports.

Guess what? The Wizards are still awful. So we'll move on. In my average high school hoops career right here in the PVAC, I never tried to get a dunk down in a game, but I could dunk a volleyball in practice on a great day. I'm 5'9". It turns out that being short isn't exactly the barrier to having hops that one might think. The Post offers a scientific breakdown of exactly how the kinesiology of the dunk works, with diagrams to boot.

Extra Bites

• Just in time for Super Tuesday, The Washington Post has a new iPad app that aggregates all of the paper's political coverage into a one-stop shop. Here's an in-depth look at how that was app was built by Joey Marburger, a digital designer at The Post.

• NPR has an incredible history of women in its newsrooms. It's not all just granola and Birkenstocks as stereotypes will have you believe. This is a gallery from the past 40 years.

• Here's AU's swim team, acting exactly like you would expect if you know anything about American University or swim teams.

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