Two months ago viewers of “The Game” watched Melanie and Derwin cope with the possibility of never having their own child. This week, after Melanie’s second round of in vitro, the two find out whether the pitter-patter of little feet will be in their near future.

Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson) gives Chardonnay (Brandy Norwood) relationship advice on BET’s "The Game." (Paul Abell )

During a visit to the doctor, Melanie gets some devastating news: “You have less than a 10 percent chance of ever carrying a baby to term. I’m sorry,” Melanie’s doctor says.

When she and Derwin return home, he tries to keep her spirits up.

“We are odds beaters, baby,” he says, “and we are gonna beat this, too.” But in case they don’t, Derwin has a suggestion: adoption. “You don’t have to give birth to a child just to be his parent,” he says

Melanie perks back up and later, at a party for former Sabers football player Jason Pitts (more on this later), the two can’t stop giggling and cheesing. It’s all about looking at the bright side.

“Reason number 23 why not being pregnant rocks: caffeine!” yells Melanie. And as Derwin carries her in the house after the party’s over, “Reason number 36 why not being pregnant is awesome: unlimited chardonnay!”

But it’s not all smiles. When Derwin goes upstairs to draw her a bath, the tears begin to fall. Some from Melanie, some from him. The front they put up for each other can no longer be maintained. The idea of motherhood possibly being out of reach for Melanie pains them deeply.

Jason, on the other hand, is not trying to have any more kids. He just wants to have sex. During a steamy make-out session on Chardonnay’s couch, she stops Jason from taking things to the next level. She says she wants to make sure she knows where things are going before jumping in the sheets.

Jason is not happy. “I am a sex haverer,” he declares.

Chardonnay says there are a lot of other fun things they can do and asks Jason what time she should be ready for his party that night. He lets her know that she’s not invited because it’s a work event (a celebration of the premiere of his new sports talk show), and for those he has a policy: They are an NCZ — No Chick Zone.

“You got your quirky little boundaries. I got mine,” he says.

At the party, Malik, having seen Jason speaking with his white co-host Summer, congratulates Jason for dropping Chardonnay and returning to blond-haired, blue-eyed women.

“Glad you finally came to your senses and returned to the dark side ... the one who loves white women,” Malik says. “Just a minute ago I thought you were going through some kind of midlife crisis or mental breakdown.”

Jason says he’s not dating Summer; Malik asks whether he’s scared or, on second thought, “too old to close the deal.” His suggestion: “Why don’t you let a strapping young boy in his prime close the deal for you?”

Meanwhile, Chardonnay is having a conversation with Malik’s mom, Tasha, about her own love life. Chardonnay’s worried she may lose Jason if she continues to hold out.

“He a honey badger,” says Tasha. “He do whatever he want.”

Chardonnay, now more confused than ever by Tasha’s sordid explanation about Jason’s desire to pounce, asks for clarification: “So what do I do?”

Tasha responds, “You gotta stop being so damn insecure.”

Back at the party, Jason and Summer’s promo commercial is shown, and they dream of the show’s potential.

“Looks like we might actually have a hit on our hands,” says Summer.

“We’re talking Emmy nod at the very least,” says Jason.

Summer asks Jason about sharing an award with her, someone he dislikes. He points out that he doesn’t dislike her, he just doesn’t like working with her — it’s his preference to hog the spotlight.

He kisses her hand and she comments on his old-school approach to treating a woman: “You’re an old fashioned guy. Cute.”

After his conversation with Malik, the term “old” hits a nerve with Jason. To prove his youth, and to prove that he’s still got a thing for white women, he kisses Summer on the mouth.

Afterwards, he goes to Chardonnay’s place to let her know he doesn’t think they’ll work out.

“I’ve been patient,” he says. “I’ve dealt with all the attitudes, the neck rolls. ... This little dance that we’re doing is exhausting to me. ... Maybe it’s best if we just cut our losses.”

Chardonnay says, “It’s not fair for you to be all in and I’m not. ... Tonight is my attempt to show you just how in I am” then reveals the black lingerie she’s wearing.

She goes on to say, “Jason, I need you to know that me being difficult is my way of protecting myself. Just don’t want to get hurt.”

She’s ready to have sex and leads him to the bed.

“You don’t have to do this. I’m in,” says Jason, having changed his mind about cutting their losses.

Chardonnay responds, “I want to.”

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