It’s party time for the Davis family in this week’s episode of “The Game.”

Tia Mowry, Coby Bell, Pooch Hall, Brittany Daniel, Hosea Chanchez and Wendy Raquel Robinson from "The Game." (Matt Sayles/AP)

And of course, no one’s night ends as planned.

Before the poker chips have been completely laid out, Derwin — church-going, Bible-reading Derwin — is throwing back beer like it’s the last thirst-quenching drink on Earth. Jason, Tee-Tee and Malik are looking at him like he’s lost it.

“What y’all fools lookin’ at?” says Derwin.

Malik asks if he’s okay, which prompts Derwin to retort, “A grown man can’t have a drink?”

The guys resume setting up the poker table when Derwin finally decides to explain his uncharacteristic behavior:

“Melanie can’t have no babies.”

But Derwin’s not trying to dwell on that tonight.

“It’s no big deal,” he says. “Melanie and I both are working on some options. Tonight, I wanna hang with my boys — and Tee-Tee.”

To make the night memorable, his friends arrange to have some female companions come over to liven up the night. Before the game starts the women arrive in hip-hugging booty shorts and bearing “special brownies.”

One woman takes her alcohol straight from the bottle, which highly annoys Malik. He has a better idea of what she can do with her drink.

“Give me this. Let me give you a bird bath,” he barks before pouring the drink on her. She does not slap him for this but instead giggles and dances as he ruins her clothes and dignity.

Meanwhile, amid the loud music and drink pouring, Jason tries to convince Derwin that he and Melanie aren’t missing out by not having kids.

“Kids are overrated,” Jason says. “One day you’re rocking the cradle, the next day they’re rocking the Internet in a bra and panties.” He then proceeds to grab a handful of the special brownies being offered by one of the party-goers.

And why are these brownies so special? You guessed it: They’re laced with weed. It doesn’t take long for Jason to start playing with a pile of chicken bones and acting paranoid.

Malik asks the two if they’ve had some of the brownies. Jason isn’t denying it, but Derwin does. “Ninja, are you crazy?” he says to Malik.

But apparently Derwin is the crazy one. He then announces his plans to pour some out for his homies that couldn’t make it to the party, “especially my frozen embryos: Duke, Teresa, Luke, Charlie, Sheen.”

Malik tells them the brownies have something “herbal” in them and advises Jason, who’s getting higher by the minute, to “enjoy the lil roller coaster you on and just chill.”

Jason, of course, does the opposite. He babbles about being a horrible husband and father, cheating on his taxes and taking steroids. He pesters Tee-Tee to “make it stop.” And finally, he ends the night practicing karate moves while Malik is on the phone checking in with Jenna, who’s still in rehab.

At the sleepover, Tasha and Melanie ask each other some tough questions over wine.

“Do you have any idea how many men you’ve slept with?” Melanie says.

It takes Tasha some time to list them all while Melanie writes the names down, and the final count is shocking.

“So how many is that?” she asks Melanie. Melanie’s response: “83.”

Tasha realizes that while she’s been calling other women hoes, she may outrank them when it comes to having the most bed warmers; she’s not happy about her new realization. No worries, though, because Melanie — who’s only slept with a few men — has some words of wisdom to cheer her up.

“You’re in the vicinity of hoe and definitely strolling hoe block. But it’s okay,” she says.

When Tasha still seems sad, Melanie decides to share her own dark secret.

“Because I had an abortion with [one of the guys I slept with], Derwin and I may never be able to have a baby,” she says. “Does that make you feel any better?”

Neither woman feels better, and now it’s Tasha’s turn to comfort Melanie. She tells Melanie that her infertility issues could be unrelated to the abortion, and that her inability to get pregnant could be a blessing in disguise.

Melanie keeps the secret-sharing going and mentions that she and Derwin even tried in-vitro fertilization. Tasha clowns her for risking having eight babies at once, but Melanie assures her she and Derwin weren’t at risk of that happening.

The in-vitro jokes continue, which leads to a conversation about Melanie getting someone else to carry her child.

Melanie is momentarily distracted by “social alerts” about a party at her house and fumes at the thought of Derwin’s poker night getting out of hand. She goes back to the conversation about using a carrier, first nixing the idea, but the more she talks about it the more she thinks Tasha could do it.

Tasha’s first response: “Hell no!”

But Tasha has recently decided that after 26 years of having sex with 83 men, she’s closing the shop. Melanie asks her again to carry her child and says to Tasha, “It’ll be like giving your uterus the last hoorah.”

“I could do something meaningful instead of something I might regret the next morning,” says Tasha. She changes her mind and decides to do it.

Now there’s only one thing left to do, Melanie points out: convince Derwin to agree.

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