Derwin’s beef with Sabers quarterback Kwan Kirkland takes a violent turn in this week’s episode of “The Game”.

From left, Tia Mowry, Coby Bell, Pooch Hall, Brittany Daniel, Hosea Chanchez and Wendy Raquel Robinson from "The Game" at the BET Awards in 2010. (Matt Sayles/AP)

“We’re getting our [expletive] whooped out there, and you’re the reason,”says Derwin.

When Kwan brushes him off by trying to walk away, Derwin grabs him and the two begin to fight.

Their brawl is short-lived, but we find out later that afterward Derwin doesn’t get over it quickly. When the game resumes, we find Melanie and Tasha watching from a sky box and contemplating the likelihood that the Sabers will be victorious.

Melanie’s horoscope that day mentioned winning, leading her to believe the team will come out on top despite their poor performance thus far.

Tasha says forget about the horoscopes; the game will clearly be a loss for the Sabers. But Melanie needs them to win. Winning means Derwin will be in a good mood, which means she can bring up using Tasha as a surrogate to carry their baby.

“I think you might be going about this whole surrogacy thing the wrong way,” says Tasha.

Surrogacy thing?

“You are a part of this surrogacy thing, right?” asks Melanie.

When Tasha responds with a question instead of a simple “yes,” Melanie panics.

“Tasha, you’re not getting cold feet?” she asks.

“Look, Melanie, I’m good,” says Tasha. “I don’t get cold feet.”

Though not cold, they may be at least lukewarm.

“Hurry up and tell Derwin. My clock is ticking,” is Tasha’s last piece of advice.

Their conversation ends when Kwan is sacked; he’s too injured to return to the field. Tasha’s focus switches from her soon-to-be occupied womb to Malik’s comeback because he’s next in line to play Kwan’s position.

“That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!” she screams. “They gotta put Malik’s [expletive] in.”

And in he goes. The Sabers win the game. Malik becomes a hero. And he and Derwin have a press conference to discuss the team’s turnaround.

But the celebratory Q&A with the media quickly goes south when questions come up about Derwin’s role in Kwan’s injury.

“In the replay it looked like you could have blocked him easily,” says one reporter.

“I missed the block, Bobby,”says Derwin, growing more defensive with each probing question. “It was that simple.”

After possibly the fifth “Did you miss the block on purpose?” question Derwin shuts down the press conference with a curt, “No more questions.”

But the media firestorm has just started. At home, Derwin watches Jason make fun of the failed block on his sports talk show. Melanie tries to distract him with candy, but when that doesn’t work she tries to drill home the point that the media will quickly forget about this whole ordeal. Soon someone else, someone like Malik, will do something even more humiliating to distract the press.

As Derwin starts to cheer up, Melanie tries to broach the topic of babies but is cut short when Derwin notices Jason and his colleagues doing a reenactment of his performance. Derwin storms away.

She tries once more that night while she and Derwin are at the gas station. Melanie opens with a weird explanation of how cool drug mules are because they carry things for people but is interrupted again, this time by anti-Derwin Davis fans.

“Way to miss the block, LOSER!” screams the young boy who’s recognized him. The adult accompanying him backs him up by spitting on Derwin’s car.

Melanie restrains Derwin from jumping out of the car and giving the man a beatdown, and Derwin later heads to Malik’s to vent.

“I feel like everyone hates me. Me, Derwin Davis,” he says.

“One of the things that I learned, D, is that you can’t believe your own hype,” Malik advises. “Let the haters do what they do best.”

Derwin goes home to Melanie, who’s waiting for him to have a truth moment. At the same time she says “I want Tasha to be our surrogate,” Derwin says, “I missed that block on purpose.”

“I can’t believe you’re even capable of something like that,” yells Melanie. “I can’t believe Tasha’s capable of something like that. Ain’t she an elderly woman?” says Derwin.

Derwin defends his actions on the field by saying he was protecting his legacy. He questions Melanie’s rationale of depending on someone whom she has such a rocky relationship with carry their child.

“By any means necessary, Melanie, remember? By any means necessary,” says Derwin before continuing his protecting-the-legacy defense.

“Enough with the legacy,” Melanie says. “You’re not a part of the royal family.”

“Just so you know, Tasha’s not a part of this one.”

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