There may be hope for Tasha Mack.

Wendy Raquel Robinson, center, and Tia Mowry, right, on “The Game.” (Paul Abell /BET Networks)

It’s Pookie’s last day in San Diego, and just as Tasha readies to send him on his way, she has a change of heart.

“Let’s just see where the hell this goes,” she yells while stopping Pookie from walking out the door.

The longtime friends spend the day cozying up over mimosas, strawberries and whip cream — until Malik barges in and sours the mood.

Noticing the ambiance, he asks whether Pookie and his mom are having sex.

“We decided we might want to be more than friends,” explains Pookie.

But that’s not what Malik is trying to hear.

“I don’t know how I feel about that, Pook. I’m sorry, dawg,” says Malik, but not because he’s an overprotective mama’s boy. It’s Pookie’s heart he’s worried about. “She drives men away. I ain’t gonna let her drive you away, too.”

Tasha explains that despite his objections, she and Pookie are going to have some “grown folk business.”

Malik responds with an “okay” but then grabs a plate of his mom’s and Pookie’s dessert and walks out the door. Clearly, he’s not taking the new relationship well.

Meanwhile, Derwin and Melanie are also faced with adjusting to new family dynamics.

Baby-mama Janay has stopped by with a big announcement: Her fiance, Noah, got a great job offer in New York. She wants to move there with him and take DJ, her son with Derwin, with her.

But long-distance co-parenting was not in Derwin’s plan.

“Our son is going to stay right here with his dad in San Diego,” Derwin says.

Later, when Melanie tries to get him to rethink his stance on Janay moving east, he questions her motives.

“I know what you’re trying to do,” he says. “You’d probably do everything in your power just to keep [DJ and Janay] far away from me just so you can have all of my attention.”

“You and I both know I absolutely love DJ, and I am finally at a good place with Janay,” she says while also throwing a few choice insults Derwin’s way.

Elsewhere, Tasha and Pookie are continuing to work on their relationship. The lights are dim and the two are having dinner at Tasha’s place. Pookie is talking about how much he’s enjoyed himself in San Diego and asks Tasha how she feels about him staying a little longer than planned.

The two are leaning in for a kiss when Malik barges into the room — again. But he’s not here to start trouble this time.

“I thought long and hard about what you said and I can’t stand in the way of true love,” he says. “Y’all got my blessings.”

His revelation would be great, if it weren’t for what happened next.

Malik quickly finds the exit and Tasha and Pookie try to pick up where they left off. First Tasha moves her head to the right while Pookie swerves left. Then she warns him about watching her track. There’s more discussion about who goes right or left, and then finally they kiss. It’s as awkward as all of the pre-kiss head bobbing and ends when Tasha hurts herself on Pookie’s chipped tooth.

Later when Malik pops in again, he instantly knows something’s wrong. Tasha’s sitting on the couch by her lonesome instead of cuddled somewhere with Pookie.

“What you do to Pookie?” Malik asks. “What happened?”

“We kissed. That’s what happened. It was awful,” says Tasha.

Malik chalks it up to another Tasha Mack relationship fumble.

Derwin, on the other hand, has tired of letting things he truly cares about slip through his fingers, such as his relationship with Janay.

He has invited her out to share some good news.

“Janay, you are a damn good mom and you have always put our son first..that’s why I invited you down here so that I could give you my blessing to take DJ with you to New York with old boy,” he says.

Janay is ecstatic. But she does want to know what inspired him to change.

His response: “I couldn’t stand the idea of being that thing that stood in the way of your happiness.”

Back to Tasha and Pookie. It’s time for Pookie’s flight and Tasha gives him a ride to the airport.

He thanks her for her hospitality and asks if the two “are good,” in light of their recent encounter.

Tasha assures him she’s good. As she leans back after giving Pookie a goodbye hug, she seems to be more than good. She seems mesmerized and dazed by his looks, and in need of something more than a hug. Possibly sensing her concern, Pookie leans in for the kiss.

Back at the Davis house, Derwin is contemplating, after having made his son's mother the happiest woman in San Diego, how he can make his wife smile as big as Janay. Might he be able to give Melanie the kind of joy Janay had?

He tells Melanie how he’s feeling and how he wants to make her feel; she assures him she’s happy.

“I want to make you happier. ... If you want Tasha to be our surrogate, you have my blessing. Yes. I’m game.”

Melanie’s face lights up, and Derwin realizes he has accomplished his goal.

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