Melanie’s back from the East Coast, with dreams of Johns Hopkins still on her mind. In this week’s episode of “The Game” she tries to woo Derwin into becoming more interested in D.C. (in the Sabers’ fictional world, Hopkins is in D.C. instead of Baltimore) and has pulled out all the stops.

Tia Mowry, Coby Bell, Pooch Hall, Brittany Daniel, Hosea Chanchez and Wendy Raquel Robinson from "The Game." (Matt Sayles/AP)

“You ain’t slick,” says Derwin to Melanie. “You tryin’ to butter me up by bringing Free here.”

He’s right. Her interview at Hopkins went great and there’s a chance that she can have a research position at the school. She needs Derwin to get on board with D.C.

When Free’s presence on their couch doesn’t seem to sway him, Melanie pulls out another trick.

“I took the liberty of printing out some stats of Washington’s football team, which by the way would be a great fit for you,” she says. (I wonder how RGIII would feel about this.)

With something in it for him, the possibility of moving becomes more enticing, and he and Melanie start working on a plan to leave the Sabers.

Meanwhile, Tasha Mack seems happy to stay in San Diego as long as her new love interest, Pookie, is by her side.

Though one morning while Pookie is in the shower, Tasha learns she may not be the only woman in his life.

He receives a few texts from a woman named Sheda, expressing her more than friendly feelings toward Tasha’s man. Tasha sees the questionable messages and starts the interrogation the moment he’s out of the bathroom.

“Who is Sheda?” she says.

“You been snooping through my phone, huh?” Pookie responds. “Rasheda is a lovely young lady that I used to casually entertain before you and I became an item.” According to Pookie, she is not a factor.

But, says Tasha, apparently she is “if the chick is still texting talking bout she loves you.”

Pookie continues to try to blow off the Rasheda issue, but Tasha continues to push. Later when the two are doing yoga and it’s time for downward dog, Tasha mutters, “Take a dog to do a downward dog position.”

“You are not going to do this right now,” Pookie says. They argue for a bit until Pookie decides to resume his exercises in Tasha’s bedroom, without her nagging — and without his phone.

When it rings in the living room and Tasha notices Sheda as the caller, she picks up to question the possible mistress.

“Look, don’t you worry about who this is. Who are you?” she whispers into the phone. “Why you keep calling my man?”

She challenges Sheda to come to her home to see who Pookie is really dedicated to.

Back at the Davis house, the couple has invited over Derwin’s manager, Irv, to talk about D.C.

“The reason why we called you over here, man, is because we have some bad news. I think we’re done,” Derwin says.

Irv cries out that he knew they would get a divorce (which isn’t a bad guess based on the couple’s highs and lows this season), but Derwin clarifies that he’s done with San Diego.

“We all know that this season I was underpaid and underutilized,” he says. “Maybe we can explore some other options.”

And by other options, says Melanie, they mean D.C.

A day or two later, Irv is back at the house with champagne. He’s got good news.

“You my friend are celebrating your new contract for $50 million. HOLLER!!!!!” he yells.

With the unnamed Washington team?

“D.C.’s history, buddy. This offer’s from the Sabers,” Irv says.

“Yo, me and Melanie, we’re serious about wanting to explore D.C.,” says Derwin, realizing that he has yet another dilemma: Can he really turn down $50 million because Melanie wants to leave San Diego?

To sort through her latest dilemma, Tasha calls in her son Malik to mediate during a confrontation with Pookie.

“I spoke to ya little concubine,” she says. “Malik, will you do the honors, please?”

Malik calls for Rasheda to come out, and she walks into Tasha’s living room, leaving Pookie all too surprised.

“You said you were gonna handle it. Now handle it,” demands Tasha, referencing Pookie’s earlier statement that he would take care of the Rasheda situation.

“Not now, Tasha. Not like this,” he says.

But Tasha demands he say who he’s choosing: she or Rasheda, who explains that she fell in love with Pookie after she moved in with him, under the guise of friendship, and then started casually sleeping with him.

“This is not the ideal situation to have this type of conversation,” Pookie says. “Obviously, I don’t have a choice. Unfortunately, I’m in love with Tasha.”

“God. Did you just say you’re in love with me?” says Tasha.

“Tasha, I’m in love with you. I. Love. You,” says Pookie.

Rasheda says she’s going to use the bathroom, but later Tasha finds her crying in a closet.

She asks Rasheda if she’s okay. She says she’s fine, but Tasha knows differently.

“I did not want things to go down this way,” Tasha says. “I’m sorry that I allowed all of my insecurities to push you to a place of feeling insecure.”

Rasheda says she’s not insecure, but Tasha assures her that after a few more Pookie-like situations, she will be.

“Rasheda, look, bottom line is you’re going to find your Prince Charming,” Tasha says. “It might take you 40 some odd years, couple of polyester suits, maybe even a little spandex, you’re gonna find him. And when you do you’re not going to have to beg him to choose you.”

Later after Rasheda leaves, Pookie and Tasha debate who wronged Rasheda: Pookie, Tasha or Rasheda herself.

“You were the one sleepin’ with her,” says Tasha.

Pookie points out that Rasheda is a grown woman who initiated a sexual relationship with him.

“I love you,” he tells Tasha. “That’s why I ain’t never try nothing on you.”

At the Davis house, the D.C. debate continues and this time Derwin has a few tricks up his sleeves. He’s recruited Dustin Diamond to help convince Melanie, an avid “Saved By the Bell” fan, that he can’t turn down $50 million.

“There is no D.C. They’re offering to pay Derwin like $20 million less,” says the actor who played Screech. “He’d be the highest paid receiver in the league.”

He tells Melanie that Derwin’s decision has already been made, and they’d like her to get on board.

“I’ve already made my decision too. I’m going to D.C.,” says Melanie.

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