The Sabers are this close to winning another championship, but before the big game starts there are a few internal issues they need to handle. In this week’s episode of “The Game” Melanie and Derwin struggle with living apart, Chardonnay and Jason see two different versions of their future and Malik reunites with a former girlfriend.

From left, Tia Mowry, Coby Bell, Pooch Hall, Brittany Daniel, Hosea Chanchez, Wendy Raquel Robinson from "The Game" speak onstage at the BET Awards on Sunday, June 27, 2010. (Matt Sayles/AP)

“Serious question: One ply or two?” Jason asks of Derwin.

“Three, Jason,” says the Sabers’ team leader during a less-than-formal interview. The light-hearted mood of the day doesn’t last long, though. When Derwin looks at one of his teammates and sees him and his lady laughing, kissing and groping each other, a sad look washes over his face.

Where is Melanie?

Mrs. Davis is running to Media Day, pushing through the crowd to stand by her man so she can laugh, kiss and (hopefully not) grope him while he speaks with the press. But just as she reaches Derwin’s side, he delivers some bad news.

“We’re done. Just got finished. Thanks for being there for me, Mel,” he says before storming off.

Later at home, he gives Melanie the silent treatment while she tries to explain that she’s worked out her busy schedule and will be there for his game.

“So I will be able to go to the game for sure this Sunday and get to Johns Hopkins to start my residency Monday,” she says after calling to confirm her flight back to D.C., which will be immediately after the game.

When he responds with silence, Melanie begs him to speak and sympathize with her dilemma.

“The last championship game I was injured, and you and I were broken up,” he says. This time, he’s in good health and they are married, “but you won’t be there if we win the championship will you, Mel?” He points out that should there be a post-game celebration, Melanie will already be flying out.

And worse yet, “What if we lose?” he says. “You don’t think I’ma need you there for that?”

Melanie says she’s trying to make it work and be in two cities at once, but Derwin is not hearing it.

“If you can’t be there for me completely, then just be gone,” he tells her.

Jason and Chardonnay also seem to be in the midst of a crumbling relationship. During a break from filming his show, he calls his ex-wife, Kelly Pitts.

“Hey, thanks for calling me back. ...You’re always such a good listener, you know that? So look, um, I gotta talk to you about something. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about our relationship...” he says.

Later he visits Chardonnay, who answers the door in a leather cat suit and who’s ready to do anything but talk.

She pounces on her man, but Jason peels her off quickly to tell her some important news.

“We need to break up,” he says. “This thing between us started out as a joke, and then it snowballed into something else really quickly. I can’t do it anymore.”

“I can’t believe you. I don’t believe this. Really?” says Chardonnay.

He’s for real, so much so that he brought Chardonnay a parting gift.

“Here’s the annulment papers,” he responds. “I already signed my name. Just need your signature.”

Before we can get Chardonnay’s response, we find out that Tasha and Pookie also have an issue in their relationship: Tasha’s health. At Media Day, her stomach was feeling queasy. Now, on the day of the game, she’s bedridden and Pookie is working on her recovery.

“This is going to make you feel so much better,” Pookie says while handing Tasha a green broth.

When Tasha asks what’s in it he responds “Pookie’s love.”

Their cutesy moment is cut short when they notice Jason on TV saying, “Malik Wright still hasn’t shown up to the field.”

Tasha calls to find out where her son is, and it turns out that he’s with Jenna, driving her from rehab to the game. The newly reunited couple chats while waiting for sheep to pass in front of their car.

“Baby, you could have sent a car to pick me up,” says Jenna.

“I need your fine [expletive] cheering me on in the sky box to victory,” says Malik.

But when the phone rings again, their conversation becomes more hostile as Jenna questions Malik on who is the woman calling his phone.

He says it’s just a friend. “She probably calling to see if I’ma make it back to the game on time.”

But Jenna still has doubts.

“What? Is she your new girlfriend?” she says.

“Jenna, are you kidding me?” says Malik. “Clearly you’re more important than me making it to my championship game on time.”

Jenna grows more furious and keeps pressing for details. Malik admits to having slept with this other woman while Jenna was in rehab, and points out that while in rehab Jenna gave him permission to sleep with other people.

Jenna, having forgotten about their agreement or not caring that it was ever made, rages on. She asks how many people Malik slept with while she was in rehab. His answer of “I don’t know” is not sufficient.

She grabs his phone, jumps out of the car and throws it into the nearby field the sheep probably call home.

You just threw my phone across the street!” says Malik.

“So?” says Jenna. And she’s not done yet. She runs to the car, takes Malik’s keys and throws them in the field also.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” says Malik.

Back in San Diego, Melanie goes to visit a sick Tasha for some relationship advice.

Melanie recaps she and Derwin’s disagreement about her presence at the game and the post-game activities. Tasha sides with Derwin.

“Why the hell would you choose the day of the championship to leave town?” says Tasha.

“Tasha, I’m a doctor,” says Melanie. “I’m not saying I’m God or anything, but if he was to have a daughter it would be this girl.”

Tasha tells her friend to “Stop bringing trouble into your relationship.”

Meanwhile, Chardonnay is at work following her sudden break-up with Jason. And life isn’t any better at the bar. An anxious customer gives her trouble for not moving fast enough.

“Hey, over here,” he yells.

“Sir, I need a second,” says Chardonnay.

Her second is too long for him and he threatens to call her manager.

“Maybe he can light a fire under that booty of yours,” he says.

Chardonnay loses her cool and she and the customer argue. The manager comes out and sides with the customer,

“I’m sorry. I can’t do this anymore,” he says. “I need you to go. You’re out.”

Chardonnay spills drinks everywhere within arm’s reach and then stomps out.

It’s now a couple of hours until the game, and Tasha is trying to muster up the strength to make it to the stadium. As she limps along at home trying to get ready to leave, Pookie finally has to tell her the truth.

“You are contagious,” he says. “You should probably sit this one out.”

“I can’t,” says Tasha. “I gotta go to the game. I gotta find Malik.”

She immediately throws up and then heads to the bathroom with a case of diarrhea, killing her dream of attending the game.

Her friend Melanie is at the airport, writing a message to Derwin about trying to save their marriage.

While she types away on her tablet, a nosey patron tries to help her craft the message. She doesn’t pay much attention to his advice, but almost snaps when a another man walks up to her and bluntly asks “Why aren’t you at the game?”

Melanie looks up and sees that the voice belongs to Tasha’s ex, Rick Fox.

Elsewhere in California, Malik and Jenna are wandering through a field, bickering and searching for Malik’s keys.

“Found ‘em” says Jenna.

“Thank God,” says Malik. But for him the trouble is just starting.

Jenna, still angry about Malik’s active dating life while she was in rehab, holds onto the keys. She’s not quite ready to give them back, and Malik and her start arguing again.

He tries to grab the keys, and even grabs her arm out of frustration. He is pleading with her to return them as game time quickly approaches.

“Get off of me,” yells Jenna.

Police pull up and witness the argument. They immediately grab Malik.

“Get your hands off her. You’re coming with us,” says one officer.

“Officer, this is a misunderstanding,” says Jenna, finally reaching her senses and actually trying to help Malik. But her change of heart might be too late for the game or to save Malik’s career.

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