From left, Tia Mowry, Coby Bell, Pooch Hall, Brittany Daniel, Hosea Chanchez and Wendy Raquel Robinson from "The Game." (Matt Sayles/AP)

But the problems between Malik and Jenna, as well as Melanie and Derwin, and Chardonnay and Jason, last long after the final touchdown is made.

Melanie, along with Tasha’s ex Rick Fox, is watching her husband Derwin fight for a win from the airport.

“I just wish I could be there to share this with him, you know?” she says to Rick. “But duty calls.” Her flight will take her to Johns Hopkins where she can begin residency.

Rick says he can relate to Derwin and his desire to win a championship with his girl cheering him on from the sidelines. But he can also relate to Melanie’s desire to follow her dreams.

“Sometimes the decisions we make for us negatively affect the people we leave behind. So you just have to decide if you’re okay with that,” he says.

She is not okay with that.

The Sabers win and during the bottle-popping celebration in the locker room afterwards, Derwin breaks from the festivities when he notices Melanie standing a few feet away.

“I knew you’d be here,” he says.

“Congratulations,” Melanie responds before embracing him in a long kiss.

Things are less rosy for Chardonnay and Jason. While he has been covering the big game for his sports talk show, Chardonnay has been riding the bus. And she is angry.

“Excuse me. You missed my stop!” she says when the driver whizzes by her destination. “So you just not gonna stop the bus? Really?”

As the driver continues cruising the streets, Chardonnay goes on a rant about suing the city, the driver and even the driver’s wife for displacing her. She’s completely fired up when the driver finally decides to stop. To her surprise, Jason is waiting for her when she steps off of the bus.

“Did you have something to do with this?” she yells.

“Yup. I had a hand in getting you fired, too,” he says while grinning.

Chardonnay assaults him to express her gratitude, and Jason points out that behind him is a building labeled Spadonnay, the spa she always dreamed of opening.

“Is this really Spadonnay?” she asks.

When Jason confirms that it is indeed her spa, she begins to beam.

“I don’t know how I’m going to repay you,” she says.

Jason already has that figured out. He asks for 50 percent ownership, citing a law in California that references business ownership among married couples, and gets down on one knee to propose that they remain married. She says yes.

Elsewhere in San Diego, Pookie and Tasha are having a less celebratory time. She’s still ill and struggling to pull herself together to see Malik.

“Hey, baby. We can celebrate with Malik tomorrow,” says Pookie.

“No, Pook. ... I gotta be there for Malik,” she protests.

Pookie says that Malik will be fine and that it’s she who needs to be taken care of right now.

Tasha is touched by how concerned he is for her well being.

“I prayed to God that he would send me a man who’d take care of me when I was sick, who would hold my hand,” she says. “You’re everything I ever prayed for.”

While the couple passes on celebrating with Malik, Jason, Chardonnay, Derwin, Melanie and Jenna keep him company.

But he barely has time to celebrate. A drunken Jenna wobbles from one person to the next, asking to dance. When her antics become too cringe worthy, he drags her out of the club.

“I feel bad for Malik,” says Chardonnay.

Jason orders champagne for the group to celebrate his and Chardonnay’s step forward as a couple, and Derwin encourages the group not to let Jenna’s problems bring down the mood.

However, Melanie’s plans for the night don’t involve bubbly drinks .

“I gotta get to the airport anyway,” she says. Derwin’s shocked at her announcement and asks to speak to her in private.

“Are you kidding me?” he says. Melanie apologizes for giving him the impression that she was staying in San Diego and clarifies that she simply delayed flying out.

“Derwin, I need this. I need you to root for me this time. I need you to know that loving myself more doesn’t mean that I love you any less,” she says.

“I’m glad you came back on one of the important days of my life and made it about you,” he says. “Have a safe flight, doc.”

Malik and Jenna are also having a tough time. After her scene at the club, he threw her in the car and drove off. An alcohol-induced sleep keeps her knocked out until they reach their destination.

“What are we doing here? Why are we at rehab?” she says after waking up.

“Baby you’re sick.” says Malik. “I love you, Jenna. I love you enough to know that I can’t save you. I wish I could but you gotta save yourself. I hope you stay in rehab this time. Long enough for it to work for you.”

He also explains that their relationship is over. Jenna responds by spitting in his face before storming out of the car.

Melanie is now back at the airport, alone, waiting for her flight. Derwin calls to make sure she’s really going through with her plans.

“You really leaving?” he asks.

“I am,” she says,. “but it doesn’t mean I don’t love you Derwin. I do. But if I keep floating along with this nagging emptiness our marriage is gonna fail.”

She doesn’t have to plead her case any longer. Derwin is at the airport and has a new outlook on things.

“Melanie, I just want to apologize to you cause it took me so long to get it.,” he says. “I think the flight attendant said the plane is boarding.”

“You’re going with me?” she asks.

Yes, he is.

“I figured with my schedule wide open,” he says, “why not take that time to be on the sidelines rooting for my wife?”

Meanwhile, Malik is in a much less romantic mood as he recovers from the last 24 hours of Jenna madness.

While sitting in a dark room, he gives his busty assistant a number of tasks to complete.

“I need you to get a stack of those release forms for all those women who consent to sex,” he says.

He also wants her to get him a few cars and find him “a personal chef and a personal trainer.”

“Anything else?” she asks.

He gives her a knowing look and she then straddles him to kick start all of the consensual sex Malik is hoping for.

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