It’s all about family — and not just biological kin; play cousins are welcome, too — in this week’s episode of “The Game.” The first to be reunited with a distant relative is Derwin. His play cousin Jamil has arrived on the Davises’ doorstep without a moment’s notice, and Melanie is less than thrilled about it.

Wendy Raquel Robinson, center, and Tia Mowry, right, are frenemies on "The Game." (Paul Abell /BET Networks)

She asks Jamil what his plans are in San Diego, and he responds: “I got a couple of job prospects I gotta look into. A couple of chicken heads I gotta smash.”

And yes, Jamil and all of his trifling ways are staying with the Davises. It doesn’t take long for him to wear out his (reluctantly given) welcome.

“Your cousin is giving me the bad case of the heebie jeebies,” Melanie later complains to Derwin while describing Jamil’s habit of not properly rinsing dishes. “You know I hate to use the ‘g’ word but he is super ghetto.”

“Boo, you’re preaching to the choir,” says Derwin. “What am I supposed to do?” Jamil and him have been kicking it since they were five, and Derwin does not want to be “the dude that turns his back on his boys the minute he gets rich.”

Melanie asks Derwin to show Jamil the door and blame it on her. He seems down with the get-Jamil-out plan until the next day.

He and Jamil are in the kitchen and Derwin mumbles something about him not properly rinsing the dishes. Jamil, who knows that Melanie has a maid to do household chores, is confused about the whole thing. Before the conversation gets any more awkward, Derwin breaks down with the truth: He could care less about how Jamil does or does not rinse dishes. It's Melanie who’s so picky about these things.

“My girl be trippin’. Don’t get married. They will cut your jewels and hang ‘em around they neck like a charm,” he says. “If it was up to me you could stay here forever.”

Melanie is secretly listening to the conversation from the next room. As Jamil starts telling Derwin how sorry he is to see his football star brother on lock down, and how he had a hook up planned for him tonight, Melanie comes in the room.

She’s steaming about Derwin’s bad mouthing. She has a change in attitude though once Jamil continues to describe his hook up for Derwin: a paid appearance at Club Bullet Proof.

Sensing the perfect opportunity to teach Derwin a lesson about what happens when you let (ghetto) family wear out their welcome, Melanie encourages her man to go.

“We got bottle service all night ... and you gettin’ paid $20,000. Maybe 16 because I need my 20 percent commission,” says Jamil.

Derwin worries about it being dangerous but Jamil assures him there will be body guards and bullet proof vests.

The two come close to having to use both when a mob of people push Derwin and Jamil to hide in a closet. As Derwin’s yelling at Jamil for dragging him to the club, there are gun shots in the background.

Something about having a stroke with death seems to push the two to do less yelling and more reconciling. But “next time you come to San Diego you staying in a hotel,” Derwin tells Jamil.

Later at home he tries to tell Melanie the party was perfect, but the blogs have outed him. “Derwin Davis, Caught in the Crossfire,” she reads aloud from her iPad. She makes Derwin commit to having her back the next time they have a disagreement about something.

Elsewhere, Tasha and Malik are hanging out when she finds some mail of Malik’s. He’s been invited to a dedication ceremony for a library named after him in their old stomping grounds of Richmond.

Malik hesitates to go because of his recent fall from grace. “I’m supposed to go home a hero,” he says. “Can’t go back to Richmond no loser.”

Tasha reminds him he’s still an inspiration to kids and the two agree to make the trip, though Malik has one request: He must see Grandma Mack, played by Loretta Devine.

Tasha is not excited to see her mom but she, Tee-Tee and Malik make the trip.

Her mom isn’t glad to see Tasha but seeing Malik makes joy dance across her face.When Tasha’s friend from back in the day, Pookie, who happens to be hanging at her mom’s house, invites them in a group of people scream surprise. It’s a surprise party for hometown hero Malik.

The festivity has a dark cloud looming over it though: Tasha’s mom.

“Ya’ll know Tasha ran off that fine ass Rick Fox,” she blabs to anyone who will listen despite Tasha’s request for a change in subject.

“Like I always say, Pookie, parents are always better with a tequila chaser,” Tasha later tells Pookie. But her mom is not out of earshot and the two start bickering.

“It’s been 27 years. When you gonna get over the fact that I had a baby at 15?” Tasha says to Grandma Mack.

“Don’t you ever forget to show your respect when you come up in my house,” her mom responds.

The arguing continues a little while longer, but finally Tasha decides that an apology will yield a much better response from her mom.

“Mama, I’m sorry,” she says. “I’m sorry I got pregnant before all your girlfriends’ daughters got pregnant. I’m sorry I didn’t break the chain of teenage pregnancy in our family...but I respect you, mama. I just wish you did the same for me.” She walks away before Grandma Mack can respond.

Pookie, having witnessed some of the cattiness, tells Tasha her mom actually brags about her quite a bit. Tasha thanks him for always being there for her.

“You have never let me down either Pook. ...Thanks for always being there for Malik. you taught him how to be a real man.”

As the party closes, Malik thanks his guests for their continued support.

“Today I learned that you guys have been and always are there for me...Ya’ll ain’t never slept on Malik Wright. And for that man I appreciate you.”

In the background you can hear Tasha’s mom telling her, “You did good.”

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