The locker room fighting between Sabers players Kwan Kirkland and Derwin Davis goes public in this week’s episode of “The Game.”

From left, Tia Mowry, Coby Bell, Pooch Hall, Brittany Daniel, Hosea Chanchez and Wendy Raquel Robinson from "The Game." (Matt Sayles/AP)

“You can thank your boy Derwin Davis’s jealous [expletive] for that,” says Kwan. Derwin calls to defend himself, but comes off as more ghetto-fabulous than articulate in his explanation.

“Kwan Kirkland is a fake, lyin’ pretty boy [expletive],” says Derwin. “I’m tired of not shining because dudes like Kwan Kirkland are blinded by my light...I gotta wife and a baby mama and both of my ladies know I puts it down.”

He insists Jason, and his co-host Summer, get Malik Wright on the phone to clarify who’s really running things with the Sabers. Jason laughs at the idea of Malik, a former alcoholic, drug abuser and womanizer, lending any credibility to the argument.

Later, Melanie calls Derwin out for his foolishness on live TV and on the field.

“The Derwin I married would never hurt someone on purpose,” she says, adding who cares “about your legacy if it’s at the extent of losing your soul?” She suggests he go back on Jason’s show and apologize.

Elsewhere, Chardonnay has finally returned to the episode line-up and is antsy to be more infused with Jason’s world, particularly his friends. She wants to have a meet-and-greet at her place, but Jason hesitates at the idea.

“Baby, are you ashamed of Chardonnay?” she asks.

Jason replies “No” but drags his feet when it’s time to hand Chardonnay a list of his friends and their contact information.

Lucky for her she runs into Tasha and Malik while bartending one night. Malik is more than happy to get her in touch with Jason’s friends.

Before Chardonnay can finish party planning, Pookie walks into the bar surprising Malik and Tasha. It’s unclear what he’s doing in San Diego, but one thing is for sure: He needs a place to stay.

“You can come stay on my couch. It ain’t much but it’s clean,” offers Tasha immediately. She is grinning from ear to ear because of Pookie’s surprise visit.

But hours later she’s frowning when Pookie starts walking around shirtless and only wearing boxers. Tasha calls Melanie in a panic, convinced that Pookie is trying to date her.

“If you’re not feeling it then just tell him,” says Melanie.

Tasha hangs up the phone and puts Melanie’s advice in action.

“We can’t be together though. Right now, I’m working on myself ... I been celibate for the last — it’s been some time now.” she tells Pookie.

He graciously accepts her stance. “I’m really proud of you Tasha,” he says. “It’s hard to take the steps to make your life better.”

Back with Jason and Chardonnay, she has decided to move ahead with meeting Jason’s friends. One night when Jason comes over to her place, she surprises him by letting him know that his friends will be there shortly for some mixing and mingling. Before Jason can object, Melanie and Derwin are at the front door with a bottle of Chardonnay (ha!) in hand. Tasha and Malik soon follow, giving Jason a chance to ask Malik what he was thinking when helping Chardonnay with this.

“All those alcoholic, drug abusing, womanizing comments,” says Malik, referring to the description Jason used to describe Malik on “The Pitts Stop.”

Jason’s co-host Summer arrives and he tries (and tries and tries) to discreetly duck her. Of course, it doesn’t work.

“It’s like he’s avoiding me,” she complains to Malik.

“No. why would he do that?” asks Malik with a touch of sarcasm in his voice. “Oh yeah, right. Maybe because he’s married.”

Later Summer corners Jason, who admits to being married and begs her not to mention a word to Chardonnay.

When the party finishes Jason tells Chardonnay how unhappy he is about being ambushed.

“You do know inviting [my friends] over here tonight was highly inappropriate,” he says.

Chardonnay explains she thought meeting his friends was just the natural progression of their relationship. After some thought, Jason agrees to compromise with her on helping their union evolve.

In a quest for more personal growth, Derwin has decided to listen to Melanie and turn over a new, less self-centered leaf.

“I’d like to apologize,” he says during a taping on Jason’s show. “I’m the guy who goes to church on Sunday, the guy who calls his grandmother every week, the guy who occasionally sheds a tear after “Toy Story.” I’m rooting for Kwan, and I hope he makes a quick recovery back to the field.”

Though his good will doesn’t last long. When a viewer phones the show to discuss how pathetic Derwin’s moves are, Derwin loses his cool.

“Why don’t you bring your big mouth down here to the studio,” he threatens.” Come down here because you sound hungry...I gotta butter fingers for all your [expletive] ... and Maseratis and baby mamas, too. Now what? What?!”

The sweet, innocent Derwin is officially gone. Hopefully, Melanie can find before the next episode.

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