Malik’s lavish spending has finally come to an end. In this week’s episode of “The Game,” paying the mortgage has become too much of a burden and he’s selling his house.

Wendy Raquel Robinson and Tia Mowry are enemies on "The Game" . (Paul Abell /BET Networks)

“This house has been real good to me, Tee-Tee,” Malik responds. “Best six months of my life.”

He proceeds to say good-bye to his home room by room. While sitting at the end of his sprawling dining room table, Malik reminisces about the parties and strippers he’s hosted. A walk past his indoor pool reminds him that he regretfully never learned to swim. He plunges in to learn (because there’s no way he’ll have another opportunity to do so in San Diego once the house is sold) and ends up flailing around hysterically. Thankfully Tee-Tee is there to rescue him when the five-foot deep pool almost “drowns” the Sabers player. Later, as the good-bye tour makes a stop outside, Malik has a talk with his horse, Midnight Black. “Never rode you, never fed you, never pet you,” he says. “But I’m damn sure going to miss you baby.”

Tee-Tee finally pushes him to get out of his funk and treat selling his home as a new start in life.

“Malik Wright will rise again like a phoenix from the ashes,” she says. ”Move on to the next dream.” Malik agrees: “On to the next dream.”

Meanwhile, Jason and Chardonnay continue to find their footing as a couple. They almost lose their balance when Jason is assigned an attractive, blonde, white woman to co-host his show. Jason’s upset about having to share the limelight, but Chardonnay’s more worried about losing her man, who’s been a sucker for blonde hair and blue eyes for much of his life.

“I’m with you now,” Jason tells her. “That should make you feel special.”

His words leave Chardonnay steaming, but only temporarily. Jason begs her not to let her insecurities “get in the way of what we got going here” and gets back in her good graces.

Malik’s financial troubles and Jason’s love life kept viewers entertained. But they may have slept through Melanie and Tasha’s fight over...who can sit at a bar longer? Melanie, once affectionately called “Med School” in seasons one through three when she was a hard working woman, has now become a shadow of her former self. Having foregone practicing medicine, she’s now decided to use her endless free time to stalk Tasha. She drags Derwin to happy hour at the bar Tasha regularly visits and gives her dirty looks from across the room.

Tasha returns the glare, and the two kids grown women stay put until all the other patrons except Derwin has cleared out. Not happy about his dull night, he lets Melanie have it.

“I don’t even know who you are right now...I’m not playing these stupid little games anymore. If you want to win, you do it on your own,” he says before leaving his and Melanie’s table.

After being prompted to leave the now-closed bar, Melanie reluctantly decides to exist first. Tasha wins.

What do you think will happen to Malik without his money and mansion? Will Melanie find a better way to keep herself busy or drive Derwin (and me) mad?

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