It’s finally happened.

After weeks of senseless feuding, Melanie and Tasha have put their cattiness aside to give friendship another try. But not before slapping each other hard enough to make their weaves stand on edge.

Wendy Raquel Robinson and Tia Mowry are frenemies on BET’s "The Game". (Paul Abell /BET Networks)

In this week’s episode of “The Game,” the Sunbeams’charity fashion show is here. Melanie, the woman in charge, is a wreck. One model’s makeup lacks a smoky-eye finish, and three models are missing. But Melanie will work it out. She has to.

“I’ve got to pull this off so I can shove it down Tasha’s throat,” she tells Sunbeam Brynn.

“Oh I can not wait for this heifer to fail,” says Tasha to Tee-Tee when she arrives early to the show.

While readying herself to watch a disastrous runway, Tasha overhears her prostitute, Renaldo, chuckling it up with another woman. This is the same Renaldo who agreed not to entertain any other women in San Diego for a nice fee from Tasha.

“You must have lost your damn mind bringing another woman to my event,” she says. “I need to take your [expletive] to small claims court.”

Meanwhile, Malik is facing his own romantic dilemma. He and Melanie’s three missing models are half naked in a bedroom and getting ready to do the do. But there’s one problem: Malik can’t get it up.

“Ugh! What the hell is wrong with me?” he screams. “I'm always at full attention.”

One model suggests he’s had too much alcohol, but he tells her he’s leading a sober life since leaving rehab. He almost talks himself into believing stress has gotten the best of him, until another model’s persistent chatter about rehab leads Malik to an epiphany.

“I got it. I know what the problem is. I know what the problem is!” he yells before running out of the room and straight to his girlfriend Jenna’s rehab facility.

“What are you doing here Malik?” she asks. He fronts like a nice guy and asks if she’s had time to heal. Per their agreement, only when she’s beat her addiction can they truly resume their relationship. But Jenna knows her man, and she knows he wasn’t just dropping by to check on her.

“What’s her name?” she asks. Malik denies there’s a “her” and pretends like he wasn’t preparing to compete in the sexcapades, but Jenna points out the loophole in his lie. “Malik, it’s Saturday night, and your fly is down.”

He breaks down and tells her of his struggle to stay faithful.

“I want to be with you,” she says. But “it’s unrealistic for me to think you’re going to go however many months without sex, so I give you my blessing to spread your wings.”

Malik returns to the models and is literally excited to see them. But now they aren’t ready and the performance is delayed once more.

At the fashion show, Melanie overhears Tasha complaining to Tee-Tee about Renaldo. She rubs Tasha’s loneliness in her face and then asks security to hall her lip-smacking behind away from the show’s backstage area. While making her exit to the audience’s seating, Tasha runs into Renaldo. He tries to apologize, but Tasha’s not hearing it.

“I told you. I am officially done payin’ yo [expletive] for sex!” she yells while standing next to a mic, allowing everyone to hear her business.

She retreats to the bathroom and Melanie, having heard the faux pas, follows her.

“I came here to commend you,” says Melanie. “It takes a strong, brave open-minded woman to pay a man for sex.”

Tasha dismisses Melanie with a kurt “Bye.” Melanie tries to leave the restroom, but the door is jammed. Derwin has locked her in.

“I’m sorry you guys,” he says, “but it’s for your own good.”

Tasha accuses Melanie of thinking she’s better than everyone. Melanie accuses Tasha of being a bully. Tasha calls Melanie a word that rhymes with witch, but when Melanie stands up a little straighter and calls Tasha this same word, things get physical. Tasha slaps Melanie, then Melanie slaps Tasha. Melanie locks herself in a stall to hide.

Tasha calls her out for always running from her problems, and being to afraid to apologize to Tasha for all of the pain she’s caused her. Soon both women are crying and hugging, and Melanie apologizes.

“Come here, [word that rhymes with witch],” says Tasha. “We ain’t friends. We family. With family you don’t have to say it, you just got to mean it.”

Once freed from the bathroom, Melanie asks Tasha to drop the word [expletive] as a term of endearment.

Tasha obliges and thinks of a new one: “Miss Ratchety-Ann.”

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