Wendy Raquel Robinson and Tia Mowry star in "The Game". (Paul Abell /BET Networks)

His baby mama. In this week’s episode of “The Game,” Melanie reaches out to Janay for the girl talk she’s been missing.

The two run into each other in the sky box at a Sabers game. Having just been the target of a one-sided food fight lead by Tasha, Melanie latches on to Janay. Janay reluctantly entertains Melanie and introduces her baby daddy’s wife to Noah, a “friend” who’s come to watch the game.

Melanie eagerly invites the two to eat with she and Derwin at their home, and then works double time to organize a catered meal. Derwin, who you’d think would be rooting for Melanie and Janay’s new friendship, asks “Why all this trouble for Janay?”

“I wanna help her get her man,” says Melanie. “That’s what friends do for each other.”

Later on dinner is served and the couples mingle. After some boring chit chat about Noah’s job (editor at the Huffington Post) and the problems with organized religion, Janay pulls Melanie aside and explains what’s been on her mind throughout the entire meal.

“I have a confession to make. Noah and I have been seeing each other for a while,” says Janay, right before pulling an engagement ring from her pocket. She asks Melanie to keep her secret, and says she’ll tell Derwin later. And if Derwin doesn’t seem keen on Noah, she also wants Melanie to convince him to accept the new man in her life. Melanie agrees.

After dinner, Derwin gives his evaluation of Noah: “That guy’s a jack [expletive].” That night, Melanie confronts Derwin about his judgment call on Noah and asks, “Do you really hate Noah? Or do you just hate the idea of Janay being with someone other than you?”

Derwin scoffs at the idea of being jealous, and Melanie, the queen of friendship wrecking, spills Janay’s secret about the engagement.

And while the Janay drama unfolds, Tasha Mack has been in heat. It’s during a conversation with Tee-Tee and her son Malik that her lack of sex life comes up. (You read that right. This conversation, which included some talk of pubic hair, took place in front of her son.) Tee-Tee credits her snappy attitude towards Malik to her sexual inactivity and suggests she pay for pleasure. He gives her the number to an escort service, but Tasha passes on it. She’s determined to prove she doesn’t need to pay for a man or sex.

And she thinks she’s proved her point after meeting Renaldo, played by Carl Payne, at a bar. He butters her up with compliments and buys her drinks. In no time, they are tangled in the sheets and Tasha’s yelling “Satisfy me!”

Which Renaldo does, for a price. When Tasha announces she’s ready for round two, Renaldo starts calculating out loud:

“Normally I charge $500 an hour for sex...for six hours that’ll be about $3000.”

Tasha protests until Renaldo points out he’ll need to bring in reinforcements if she doesn’t ante up. She embarrassingly opens her wallet.

Looks like Melanie isn’t the only one in need of new friends.

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