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She’s called on Atlanta housewife NeNe Leakes to be the marquee designer. At a Sunbeams meeting at Tasha’s house, Leakes - talking much too loud in a robotic manner - gives a preview of the show using plus-sized models. They stroll into the meeting showing off track suits and other apparel that Melanie views as ghetto.

Melanie’s grumbling almost goes unnoticed while most of the other Sunbeams drink and dance to the music playing at the impromptu show. She later tells Derwin about the meeting, but he’s consumed with his own pressing drama: new player Kwan isn’t sucking up by clearing his schedule for Derwin-organized team outings.

“She’s trying to turn the Sunbeams fashion show into a scene from ‘The Whiz,’” says Melanie as she and Derwin prepare to go to a movie premiere. “I’ll be mad if I let this kid disrespect me in front of my squad. I’m trying to build team unity,” says Derwin in reference to Kwan turning down his invite.

At the next Sunbeams meeting, a member named Brynn tells the group of a designer, played by Leslie Jordan, she’s contacted to save the show. With Brynn and Tasha vying for control, the Sunbeams vote on which designer should lead the charity event. Tasha wins the 12 to 10 vote, but that’s not enough for Melanie.

She’s started using in vitro fertilization treatment to get pregnant (finally, a follow-up to episode one!) and tells Brynn about her unhappiness with the fashion show. At the next meeting Brynn voices Melanie’s concerns and later Tasha gives Melanie a piece of her mind when she joins the group through a video phone call.

“You spiteful little heifer,” says Tasha. “This ain’t about the fashion show, is it? This is about me beating you.” She storms out of the meeting after screaming at Melanie, who has no response.

In the midst of the fashion show problems, Jason is hanging out with his new wife Chardonnay (another follow-up!). The couple and Chardonnay’s friends, one of whom is played by Kel Mitchell from “All That,” meet up at a restaurant.

Jason is given a crash course on being black. He’s schooled on the hardships black women face while dating and why going to historically black colleges is good. He’s ecstatic when someone from the group calls him “my brother” but shows his lack of black awareness when he argues that racial profiling doesn’t really happen to African American drivers.

He later faces a rude awakening to Racism 101 while in a mall parking lot. Someone calls him “blacky” and yells for him to move out of the way. Later at Chardonnay’s job, where she works as a bartender, he discusses his frustration at no longer knowing what is racism and how to combat it.

“I’m rich and famous black,” he says. “How do you do it when you’re regular old black black?”

Now that we know what’s really going on with Melanie, Derwin and Jason, all we need to hear about is Malik and Jenna - are they still together despite rehab? - to get all of our episode one questions answered.

This week’s episode mentioned that Jason and Chardonnay have six weeks until their annulment is final. I’m curious to see if/how their new relationship/friendship blossoms once the legal mumbo jumbo is removed from the equation.

What do you think will happen to the couple?

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