Wendy Raquel Robinson and guest star Brandy Norwood on "The Game." (Paul Abell /BET Networks)

I wish.

For some reason, the manpower behind the BET show decided it was a bad idea to continue last week’s storylines and opted for a more bland, sleep-inducing episode.

Derwin scores a deal with Verizon and tells Melanie that he’s re-hired his former manager Irv. The sudden business deals made behind Melanie’s back doesn’t sit well with her. Her response to the good news: “What ever happened to ‘Melanie, you are the CEO of this family?’”

To make Melanie feel more included in his career, Derwin gives her the “job” of managing Irv. She sets up a meeting with Irv to discuss Derwin’s appearance on a late-night talk show, but he’s more concerned with asking Melanie to serve him drinks than talk business.

He quickly decides Derwin should be on David Letterman’s show, and then gets a phone call from Tasha, who wants a cut for Derwin’s Verizon endorsement. She did, after all, get Verizon interested in Derwin when she was his manager.

Irv tells Melanie not to worry about Tasha, but Melanie surprises him by showing up later at his meeting with Tasha and a mediator. She introduces herself as Dr. Melanie Barnett Davis (emphasizing the word doctor as though it gives her major clout in the business world). Melanie then passes Tasha a hand-written note with a number on it, the non-negotiable, one-time payment she’s willing to offer for Tasha’s help.

Tasha rolls it up, lights it and smokes it. She comes back with piles of paperwork showing the hundreds of phone conversations she had with Verizon, and the mediator decides that Tasha will receive 10 percent of all of Derwin’s earnings from the deal.

Later Derwin tells Melanie she can’t handle the truth and confesses she’s not really CEO of his business. They fight and make up by the end of the day.

As for Malik, his accountant Doug tells him his spending is out of control. Purchasing a $40 million home was a bad idea, says Doug, when you’re on an $80 million contract that the government gets half of. He puts Malik on a budget of $25,000 a month and asks that he get rid of some of his cars.

Malik obliges but fronts like money isn’t an issue when Tee Tee asks if he’ll continue the tradition of paying for his birthday party. Later at the celebration, Malik begins to look tense as the bottles flow. By the time the check comes, he looks ready to have a heart attack. Thankfully Tasha steps in at the last minute and pulls out her credit card to cover the bill, but not without saying, “Do you have to be every stereotype, Malik?”

There’s no word on Jason’s relationship with Chardonnay, but let’s hope he, and everything else that made the show worth watching, returns next week.

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