The FDA is considering putting Plan B, aka the morning-after pill, on drugstore and supermarket shelves. I want to know what you all think about this? Good idea or not? E-mail me with your reasons why.

Ethics aren't quite the D.C. Council's strong suit . A majority of its members say that colleague Harry Thomas Jr. should take a paid leave of absence while under federal investigation for allegedly diverting public funds for private use. But, he's technically still allowed to vote on a broad ethics reform bill, which passed a committee vote Monday, initially introduced because of Thomas' alleged actions. Oh, and Ex-Prince George's County executive Jack Johnson was sentenced today. Hooray, politics.

Singer songwriter, Jackson Browne performs for Occupy Washington participants, Monday, Dec. 5, 2011, at Freedom Plaza in Washington. Browne is singing to show his solidarity with the Occupy Movement. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

If I gave you 3 guesses as to why most Virginia schools don't open before Labor Day , would you get it right? Well, if you guessed "tourism" you win. It turns out that the main reason for the Commonwealth's later-than-usual start is because amusement parks, specifically, need the month of August to shill their businesses and they need teen workers to help them do it. Seriously. The hospitality industry is a major lobby in Virginia and Slate's Dahlia Lithwick explains how commerce has taken precedent over education since 1986.

I'm not the kind of person to pile on the News Corp network , but I won't stand for people dissing The Muppets. According to Fox Business Network host Eric Bolling, our fuzzy friends' mission in their latest movie sends out an "anti-corporate message" akin to the Occupy movement that attacks the oil industry and thus, of course, capitalism. He got so frustrated with the notion during a recent show that he even equated the flick to communist propaganda. ArtsPost's Maura Judkis details why this is bunk.

Don't let the score fool you, the Caps played a super-ugly game last night . Their comeback attempt was bolstered when the Panthers let in two soft goals late, but that was as close as they'd let Dale Hunter's gang get. It was an awful performance against a division opponent who was in control the whole time. Former Capital Tomas Fleischmann played rather well, which didn't help anyone's frustration. Also, the NHL has decided to blow up the two-conference format drastically. Mistake, IMO.

Extra Bites

• Just so you know, there are a fair number of people in this world who don't believe that Stevie Wonder is blind. In a totally unrelated story, Stevie has announced he wants to be on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

• Apparently there's a new pill that cures hangovers, that's been approved by the FDA. Just in time for all your holiday office party exploits. Job safety first!

• Music for your lover. Music for another. Music for your mother. Music for your brother.

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