It seems that everyone these days has something to say about  [Things] Girls Say.  Recently one of the duo from Very Smart Brothers decided to break down what Bougie Black Girls say, complete with brunch references and a desire to date a man with a passport.

Personally, I think a better title would have been Things “Boughetto”Girls say, because the very definition of Bourgeoisie, according to our friends at Wikipedia is: “the bourgeoisie are a social class” characterized by their ownership of capital, and their related culture”. The term bourgeoisie also denotes “the ruling class” of a capitalist society.

I highly doubt real bourgeois are exalting the glories of Thai restaurants and brunch. If you base the cultural acumen of your date on whether or not he eats Thai food, you are officially THINK you're bougie, but you're really just ghetto.

But perhaps it is inherently bougie of me to point out the glaring flaw in Mr. Young's assessment. The piece closes with Can you think of any more things that bougie black girls (or guys) say?

So I thought I'd share MY thoughts on things ‘Bougie Black Men’ say...

1) Do you rent or own?

2) I can't wait for summer, so I can wear my Prada loafers with no socks.

3) Thursday won't work, my tailor is flying in.

4) I can't go to your event, it’s the weekend of my boy's bachelor party on the Amalfi Coast.

5) How does my bow tie look? I know it’s just happy hour, but ties are so common.

6) You eat meat?

7) What is your five-year plan?

8) How often do you exercise?

9) No dessert for me, I'm training for a half-marathon.

10) I don't date women who wear scarves to bed.

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