I went to the Old Town Theater to see “Tintin” before that great place closed. It was very sad to see a man shut his doors out of spite, and the city of Alexandria was apparently content to let him leave. A real shame. The movie, by the way? A+. I felt like a kid again.

Occupy DC activist Jacque, right, kisses his wife Turtle outside of the Franklin School at 14th and K Street in Washington, DC during an Occupy DC demonstration Sat. November 19, 2011. (Craig Hudson/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Where I'm from, there are things known as “circles.” In some parts of the world, these are known as “roundabouts.”And by some parts of the world, I mean, typically, the UK and Australia. But in Herndon, one proposed roundabout is causing a decent stir. It seems the town council made the somewhat sneaky move of approving the creation of a circle without a public hearing. The State of Va.'s Tom Jackman points out that this is a big deal in Herndon. Also, here's a clip of Darth Vader trying to say “roundabout.”

The Consumer Electronics Show is losing some steam . The annual Vegas gathering that was once the showcase event for all things digital is not as special as it once was. The big names at this point don't even show up. In short, CES is now small-time. Nobody needs to hawk their gear to a bunch of tech nerds at a convention in 2012, as the very technology many of them helped make has rendered such a get-together obsolete. The Post's Cecilia Kang explains. FromVegas.

There are people that enjoy taking their pants off in public places . Not necessarily in a lewd or crude manner, but, you know, to have some fun. These people were out in force yesterday on Metro, in the annual No Pants Ride, organized by the group Improv Everywhere. The shock value on this stunt has waned a bit in recent years, but it's still a pretty funny bit. Here's a video of the gag, and of course, things were complicated by track work on Metro. How appropriate.

Tim Tebow. That is all on that front . In less miraculous news, the Washington Wizards somehow managed to make themselves worse on Sunday. Yesterday, after getting destroyed by the hapless Minnesota Timberwolves, another story came to light. Beyond the ridiculous offensive woes, the franchise-worst start to the season and Jordan Crawford's attitude about his game, Rashard Lewis apparently has decided he just doesn't want to play anymore. Lewis makes $19 million a year. To play hoops. And he refuses to, allegedly.

Extra Bites

• The Reliable Source tells me that Oprah Winfrey's goddaughter is now a D.C. resident and trying to find a job. Operative news here: Gayle King's girl is named Kirby Bumpus, which is absolutely fantastic. Oh yeah, and look out for Oprah in Georgetown.

• You know Penn Camera, that's closing down? Yeah, they won't be honoring those gift cards you got for Xmas back in the day. And, it turns out, that's totally legal if you file for bankruptcy.

• This is an awesome picture of D.C. and Baltimore from an International Space Station. Perspective does wonders.

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