Sorry all about the random day off yesterday. Had a bit of a family health scare, but all's well at the homestead and we're back in the saddle.

Shea Sullivan, (L) and Brent Bennett, Central 7 Station superintendent, walk along the track as work continues on the WMATA Silver Line project in Tysons Corner, Virginia, on Thursday, May 10, 2012. (Nikki Kahn/THE WASHINGTON POST)

I can't get enough of the guy from Montgomery County who dresses like Batman. He skyrocketed to fame after he was pulled over for speeding in his Batmobile Lamborghini on his way to an appearance at a hospital. And ever since then, dude has been EVERYWHERE. Diane Sawyer of “World News” featured him on ABC (not in uniform), and he made CNN's radar, too. So what else does the Caped Crusader have to do? Local weather broadcasts, obviously. Michael Rosenwald reports.

Over-tanned, fist-pumping, techno-dancing goofballs aren't the only ones who regularly flock to the beach in an attempt to find love. Turns out that one of the oldest species on earth does that too, and every year, it happens right up the road in Delaware. And if you've never seen it, the sight is one to behold. Horseshoe crabs litter the shore with their oddball shells all over the place. Or, you could just let The Post's J. Freedom du Lac tell it, which is fun, because he uses the term "arthropod orgy."

Many people only talk about Time magazine once a year. And that's when they put out their Person of the Year edition. But their latest issue features a pretty revealing cover image. If you haven't seen it, it features a mother breast-feeding a 3-year-old. That concept isn't super-shocking in itself, except for the fact that the kid is standing on a chair, and is also looking at the camera, which is kind of weird. Paul Farhi breaks down the photo and story for the Style Blog.

There's an argument that the Nationals are the best story in baseball. They've got arguably the best pitcher in the bigs with Stephen Strasburg, and Bryce Harper is playing his face off every night and looks like he'll never smell another minor league park again in his career. Strasmas not only picked up his third win last night while cutting down 13 Pirates, he knocked a double to up his season average to .308. And, needless to say, Tom Boswell is fawning over the 19-year-old.

Extra Bites

• We've got another list for the D.C. area, and this one seems to make more sense than most. Forbes magazine says that we are in the nation's best city for finding a job. Although that “city” includes Arlington and Alexandria for ranking purposes.

• Shoutout to my buddy Seb, an old high school soccer teammate, who sent me this awesome video of a dog/kangaroo showdown, a three act masterpiece.

• Serena Williams can rap! Slash not at all. Happy weekend, kiddos.

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