Comedian and reality TV star Niecy Nash asserts black celebrities are not as “sought after” as white celebrities, but she doesn’t mind.

Actress Niecy Nash. (Frederick M. Brown/GETTY IMAGES)

But she said because of Hollywood’s preference for white celebrities over black ones, she’ll never have to worry about juggling fame like the Kardashians.

“As a black celebrity, if we go out to a hot spot, you know there are going to be paparazzi there, but we aren't the girl who someone is jumping out behind your trash [for] when we get home. So it's nice to be able to live your dream and not be overwhelmed by what can be a downside of the business,” Nash told the Huffington Post.

She added that if mega-celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Britney Spears were black, they would have a very different relationships with the press.

But Nash likes the imbalance. She said it allows her to maintain a peaceful life and that she didn’t go into the entertainment business for other people.

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