By the time you read this, the NCAA Tournament's biggest two days will be underway and your production will likely have ground to a halt. Nevermind the gorgeous weather. Good luck getting anything done today.

Washington, DC - March, 3: Council members Jack Evans, right, and Marion Barry, center. (Bill O'Leary/WASHINGTON POST)

It's been said that chefs are the new rock stars . If that's the case then their kitchens are the new home studios, I guess. And locally, we've got three pretty major ones. Bryan Voltaggio recently bought a new place in his hometown of Frederick and uses it to cook with his 4-year-old. Mike Isabella's Chinatown apartment has a cooking space with a great view. And Spike Mendelsohn's Atlas District efficiency is remarkable, in fact, because of what it lacks. These photo galleries are fantastic.

Jay Bulger is quite the guy . When my friend and colleague Kris Coronado wrote about him earlier this month he seemed like a fascinating character. The Georgetown native who bounced around schools as a kid, eventually latched on to boxing, a hobby that eventually led him to become a fashion model in New York. That allowed him to bankroll his dream gig, directing videos. And in his first documentary, he chronicled the equally enigmatic Ginger Baker. Well, Bulger's flick won top prize at SXSW.

"Community" is officially back on NBC. The all-over-the-place show based on the hijinx at a community college was unceremoniously pulled from the network's lineup at the beginning of the year, much to the chagrin of fans. Express Night Out's Rudi Greenberg previews the program's return, which will also re-run on Comedy Central in the fall. Also, HBO's "Luck" has been canceled after a third horse died during production recently. Yikes.

Bryce Harper has proved himself to be a fun character . As minor leaguer he had a habit of painting his entire face with eye black and showing up pitchers after home runs. He's also, for that matter, a pretty typical19-year-old who likes to have fun. And he's the subject of a new story in GQ, where his personality is on full display. There's also a picture of Harper with a baseball in his mouth. And it's kind of bizarre looking. The Post's Dan Steinberg breaks down the story.

Extra Bites

• It was a sad day for the D.C. media world yesterday, when news broke that Washington City Paper was being sold. I really hope someone cool buys it. It would be unfortunate to see such a storied publication go under.

• My favorite graffiti artist put out a new video last week. If you're wondering, the piece she paints here has been my desktop background for some time.

• There was a State Dinner last night and there were no intruders, but there are pictures. Enjoy.

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