Good Wednesday afternoon, Trash Talk fans! We have a special midweek post off of the big Redskins’ news of the day. Weigh in on your thoughts about Mike and Kyle Shanahan’s decision, announced this morning, that #12, John Beck, will be the starting QB for your Washington Redskins. And while you’re at it, check out the transcript from Monday’s show, when we all had a field day at Rex’s expense. And now...For the Trash Talk.

Roger Newkirk

Beck Is Here And The Washington Redskins Are Going To The Super Bowl.........” And then we woke up! HA!

So after 6 long weeks of emotional roller coaster rides during 5 games, The Shanahans must’ve finally popped a tape in and watched film on Rex GROSSman! Sure after Week One’s pummeling of the New York Midgets, no one in their right mind would call for his job after only 1 interception. Even the several miscues in Week 2 and 3 couldn’t justify “pine-duty” for Rex, because at the end of the day we were 3-1.

Personally, I felt Rex earned his gig as a Gatorade-Bartender the drive right after St. Louis scored it’s first touchdown of the game 2 weeks ago. It was a 17-3 game most of the way, when Haslett called the infamous “All-Out Blitz” (the same play that cost us the Dallas game and BOTH touchdown’s we gave up in the Philly game...our only 2 losses but whose counting? *Cuba Swing*), allowing Stephen Jackson a easy walk-in touchdown. ON THE FIRST FREAKIN’ PLAY OF THE DRIVE, this idiot throws in a area where there’s not ONE Redskin jersey and it was such a direct pass to the defender he nearly dropped it. 17-10 game and you throw a pick giving them the ball in our red zone!!

Luckily our defense is stern and ended up getting back-to-back sacks pushing them even out of field goal range. Redskins are lucky to be 3-2 and not 2-3 or even 1-4 (had to make a late Fourth comeback in the Arizona game and rely on Gano to win it) because of Rex and only Rex.

With all of Rex’s turnovers Sunday, Beck still had a shot to bring the Redskins back and possibly win the game. If Gaffney holds onto a perfectly thrown pass in the end zone, on Beck’s first drive, we have a game in Over Time. Imagine what could’ve been the outcome had Beck been in the game since the near-meltdown in St. Louis?!?!

I’m not here saying “Sky’s The Limit” now that Beck is here, because truth be told Beck enters with the same issues that plagued McNabb and Jason Campbell. Our Offensive-Line took a big hit last Sunday and good thing Beck is mobile because he will be doing some hella running come Sunday. But to reiterate what I and thousands of Washingtonians have been saying for weeks now...”ANYONE is better than Sexy Rexy!!” Good-bye and GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

Chris Jenkins

Mixed feelings on this one as a Cowboys fan. Both of these guys are trash heap QBs. But I can’t front: I loooove the thought of facing a Rex Grossman led team twice a year. In fact, it brings a big ol’ smile to my face. The interceptions. The fumbles. The blank stares into nothingness. The wayward THROWS into nothingness, too. What warms the heart of a Deadskins-hater more?

But on the bright side, we now have fresh meat to hate on. From what I saw on Sunday, Beck ain’t nobody’s savior. CAN’T WAIT until my main man, DeMarcus Ware gets his hands on #12. November 20. Fed -Ex Field.

But you know what’s priceless? Seeing my esteemed colleague, Roger Newkirk, do his *Cuba [Gooding] Swing* Hahaaaa! You have a lot more of those coming with this guy behind center! Have fun with this one, homey!

And Introducing Trash Talk’s newest blogger, representing The Big Blue Wrecking Crew: Jennifer LeFevre, a lifelong Giants’ fan living in Alexandria. Jennifer will make her official debut on Monday’s edition of “Trash Talk”, but she has some choice words on today’s news:

So, sexy Rexy has one bad game and the Deadskins push the panic button and decide to go with Beck next week. And what if Beck doesn’t perform well? Then they will have two quarterbacks with a crisis of confidence and will really be up a creek. I don’t think Mike Shanahan is that stupid. This has the stench of Dan Snyder all over it. Just like Santana Moss said, plenty of other quarterbacks have bad games (like Brady, although Grossman is certainly no Tom Brady). The Deadskins still have a winning record. This is just a completely unnecessary distraction. I bet they eventually go back to Grossman, but Sunday should be interesting!
The John Beck Timeline by Jimmy Kempski

- 2007 - In John Beck’s rookie season, he was the #3 behind Trent Green and Cleo Lemon.  After Green got hurt and Lemon was ineffective, Beck appeared in five games on one of the worst teams in recent NFL history, the 1-15 Dolphins.  Bad situation, but even still, it didn't go well.  He hasn’t played a single NFL snap since 2007, until last Sunday.

- 2008 - After Beck’s rookie season, the Dolphins acquired THREE QB’s. They signed both Chad Pennington and Luke McCown, and drafted Chad Henne.  Pennington won the starting job, Henne became the 2. McCown injured his finger chopping firewood and was traded to Carolina.  Seriously.  Beck survived one more season.

- 2009 - During the offseason after his 2nd season, still buried as the 3, the Dolphins drafted Pat White, and cut Beck two days later.

- 2009 - Beck then signed with the Ravens, and he was again the 3 behind Joe Flacco and Troy Smith.

- 2010 - Last offseason the Redskins traded Doug Dutch for Beck.  He was the 3… again… behind Donovan McNabb and Rex Grossman.

- 2011 - Considered the favorite by many to win the starting QB job, Beck ultimately lost out to... you know... Rex Grossman.

- Week 6, 2011 - Rex Grossman throws 4 picks to the Eagles, gets benched, Beck comes in, provides a spark, but the Skins lose.

- Today - Beck is named the starting QB in Carolina this week.  Most people agree with the move, myself included, because really, how much worse can it get?  Well... the Panthers, a team that has won 3 of its past 22 games going back to the start of the 2010 season, is favored by Vegas to win.  Then again, what does Vegas know?  It's not like they know what they're doing out there... Right?

Tune in next Monday, October 24th at 12:30 pm for the next instalment of Trash Talk, when we’re sure there will be plenty of discussion about Mr. Beck. Until then....