A reader pointed out yesterday that I erroneously called “This American Life” an NPR show, when it is, in fact, distributed by PRI. My bad. This item is officially a correction about a story that's only news because of its own major correction.

Metro train boards at Metro Center station. (SUSAN BIDDLE/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

You would think that if you're in jail, using a cellphone might be against regulations. You might also assume that it wouldn't be very easy to become a social media maven if you're a drug lord behind bars. Alas, this is D.C., so standard rules apparently don't apply. After The Post's Del Quentin Wilber wrote about Mark Pray tweeting from the slammer, people basically wondered: How does that happen? Well, Del dug a little deeper and found out.

Like it or not, C-SPAN is a major media force in this town. The oft-considered-boring network that politely splits its callers up into tidy lines for Democrats, Republicans and independents has been on the air since 1978. And I can bet you don't know who founded the station, either. Well, if you do, you didn't learn it on-air. The Post's Paul Farhi profiles Brian Lamb, founder of C-SPAN, who announced yesterday that he'll be stepping down as chief executive.

When I was growing up, eating right always had more to do with quantity than quality. That aside, in today's gluttonous society, “healthy” foods are everywhere around us, leading people to believe that they can still eat all they want if it's good for them. Alas, some things are too good to be true. Turns out that all those labels you read that make foodstuffs seem better for you are nothing but marketing phrases to reel you in. Dietician Katherine Tallmadge points out five so-called health foods you should avoid.

Even though high school basketball season has been over for weeks, D.C. is finally getting around to playing its de facto city title game. Due to contractual obligations with the Verizon Center, tonight was the first available date that both the DCIAA and WCAC champions could get together to hoop it up. Luckily, The Post will be streaming both the girls and boys games online, if you can't make it. Also, the Capitals got a nice win in Detroit last night and the Terps women stayed alive in the tournament.

Extra Bites

• There's nothing I love better than a good print ad. And back in the day, they all seemed better, on a certain level. Check out Newsweek going retro for their "Mad Men" edition.

• If you don't know about D.C.'s punk history, you should. I can't wait until this movie comes out.

• Nicki Minaj is officially pop. Deal with it.

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