Blake Griffin from the L.A. Clippers slam dunks a ball before winning the All-Stars Slam Dunk contest at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 19, 2011. (MARK RALSTON/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Even when the District government gets things right, they seem to do it the wrong way . Yesterday, Mayor Gray announced that the city has a $240 million surplus on hand, the product of emergency furloughs and higher taxes. One thing, though -- they didn't even know it was coming. Even city CFO Natwar Gandhi, who is notoriously meticulous about D.C. finances (per his job requirement), was flummoxed. The Post's Nikita Stewart reports on the windfall.

It's amazing how much one can learn by just walking around . And Cultural Tourism DC gets it done on that front. If you've ever seen the signs around town, then you know what I'm talking about. My basic advice is to read every single one you see. You will learn a lot. There's a new one up along H Street and it's all the rage - so much so that even NBC4's Pat Collins showed up for a tour recently. The Post's Emily Wax chronicles how this historical walkway came to be in Northeast.

Newt Gingrich is quite the character . I love his raspy attitude in debates, not a huge fan of his politics and I don't judge his personal behavior behind closed doors. The Florida primary is today, and Gingrich's camp has a new promotional tool that I'm not sure they wanted. First though, I'll ask you: What's your favorite word that rhymes with Newt? Mine is “chute.”One guy's is “hoot” and he made a song about it. Seriously. This is not a joke.

Twitter is moving into tricky waters . When they announced last week that they'd be implementing a modified censorship model, they turned a few heads. For a social networking site that proclaims to be the free speech bastion of the Internet, it seemed odd that the site would flirt with anything of the sort. But the changes are really not that big of a deal, as there are easy workarounds to skate the new policy. Slate's Uri Friedman explains why Twitter has botched it with this change.

The history of women's soccer in this country is an interesting one. The national team has been a major player on the world stage for decades, but professionally, the sport hasn't been nearly as successful. Yesterday, WPS closed up shop for the season, which is sad. Say what you want about the viability of women's pro soccer, the three incarnations of the league since 2000 have undoubtedly leveled the playing field globally. The Post's Steven Goff explains what happened.

Extra Bites

• You're all getting really tired of the “[Expletive] People Say” series, but I'm not. And as a guy that grew up playing on a fair amount of baseball teams, this one really makes me laugh. God, I love baseball.

• Looking for something to do this week, or any week? The Going Out `Gurus are obviously the go-to. The lineup for the next seven days is particularly cool. Nonstop dubstep all night long.

• WaPo is changing a few things on the comment front. Step your game up.

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